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Psycho-sexologist Chantelle Otten On How To Feel Empowered With Your Sex Life

Despite sex being a significant part of our lives and wellbeing, discussions around the topic are widely considered taboo. Thankfully, Chantelle Otten is here to break down the stigma and shame that surrounds sex chat, while sharing her tips on how to feel more empowered with your sex life.

Where the sex education we received at school failed us, psychosexologist Chantelle Otten is guiding the way. In recent years, thanks in large part to YouTube, podcasts and social media, we’ve turned to the Internet for the sex advice and education we needed, covering topics like affirmative consent, period sex, how to engage with kinks and fetishes in a way that not only honours our partner but respects their own desires, too. For countless individuals and couples, Otten has served as the guiding source for all of our sex questions, gracing our feeds with sex positive content that breaks down the stigma and various taboos that continue to surround the topic. Now, she’s sharing her wisdom on the latest episode of Uninterrupted. 

In the new episode of the Women’s Health podcast, Uninterrupted: Sex, But Make It Empowered With Chantelle Otten, Otten explores pleasure, period sex and the common misconceptions that continue to surround sex. As a sex expert, it’s no surprise that Otten has come to be seen as a leading voice in the matter, with a background in psychology that saw her later specialise in sexual medicine. Whether it’s a question about your own sexuality or simply not having a good time in the background, Otten has helped countless individuals better understand their own anatomy and desires, as well as their sexuality. “Another way of putting it is I’m a sex detective. Anything that’s going on, I’ll figure out why it’s distressing you or making you feel a certain way and we work together as a team towards achieving your goals,” Otten explains. 

With the launch of her debut book, “The Sex Ed You Never Had,” Otten is on a mission to normalise all things sex, pleasure and body positivity. Inspired by her patients, Otten realised that so many of us were missing the basic foundation of sex education. The book isn’t just informative, but also serves as a guide for readers to start their journey in the realm of sex and desire. In doing so, Otten is working to transform our society into a more sex positive and inclusive space. 

“I felt like there was a gap here, that there was something we really needed to know around sexuality and it was the basics. I’m not even telling you how to have the most amazing time in the bedroom or how to make your sex life super raunchy, I’m just telling you about what you should know to make you feel confident and, I guess, empowered in the bedroom first and foremost,” she says. 

In this chat, Otten covers:

  • – What we can do to feel more informed and empowered when it comes to our sex lives
  • – Pleasure, relationships, period sex and the common misconceptions around sex
  • – How she became a sexologist in the first place

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