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Our Pick Of The Best Sport Bras For Every Type of Exercise

Because what works for a yoga sesh one day might not work for marathon training the next.

By Saskia Quirke; Hannah Mendelsohn; Yanar Alkayat; Kara Byers.


Much like HIIT on a hangover, shopping for a sports bra is a challenge. But help is at hand via our biggest ever WH Lab bra test. Our panel – whose cup sizes range from A to K – judged each on design, comfort and fit to separate the cup winners from those that took the booby prize.


Best HIIT bra for small breasts: Reebok PureMove Motion Sense Bra, $75, reebok.com.au

Reebok PureMove Motion Sense Bra, $75, reebok.com.au

Treated with Reebok’s MotionSense tech, the fabric firms up during high-intensity moves. The chest-flattening style was too much for bigger-breasted testers, but great for small-breasted HIIT addicts. PureMove+ is available now too.

Expert verdict: If CrossFit’s your go-to, this bra will feel secure, whatever WOD you’re on.

Sizes: XS to 3XL

Score: 86.9/10

Best tailored support for big boobs: Freya Dynamic, $74.95, bravalingerie.com.au

This sports bra does the heavy lifting so you’re free to do the, well, heavy lifting. Props to the padded straps and four-hook fastening for making this one super supportive. Its secure fit makes up for its technical appearance.

Expert verdict: This practical design is a trustworthy wear that goes easy on your shoulders, too.

Sizes: 6D to 18H

Score: 79.5/100

Best running bra for big boobs: Runderwear Easy-On Running Bra, $110, alexandrasports.net.au

Runderwear Easy-On Running Bra, $110, runderwear.net.au

If you pound pavements on the reg, you’ll know that the right support isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s vital. This bra – designed for this exactly – doesn’t disappoint. 

Expert verdict: Taking into account the unique demands of running, this bra supports bigger chests particularly well.

Sizes: 6D to 18H

Score: 79.6/100

Best all-round bra for big boobs: Royce Aerocool, $79.95, sportsbrasdirect.com.au

Royce Aerocool, $79.95, sportsbrasdirect.com.au

Finding the right sports bra for bigger boobs isn’t easy, but this is a game changer. Designed exclusively for G to K cups, it’ll keep you secure, no matter how many burpees you do.         

Expert verdict: This was designed with big boobs in mind and it shows, providing reliable support on the road and in the gym.

Sizes: 12G to 18K

Score: 82.4/100

Best for personalised fit: Brooks Drive Convertible Run Bra, $119.95, amazon.com.au

Made with fabric developed to provide technical support while on the go (DriLayer HorsePower, if you’re interested), this bra feels lightweight and luxe. The option to convert the straps into a racerback was a hit with our testers, as was the stylish geometric print.

Expert verdict: If you’re clocking up the miles, this bra is a companion that you won’t even notice.

Sizes: 32B to 40F

Score: 81.5/100


Best for bra-like fit: H&M Seamless
Light Support Bra, $29.99, hm.com

H&M Seamless  Light Support Bra, $29.99, hm.com

After a reliable, budget-friendly sports bra for gentle workouts? You’ll get your money’s worth with this supportive bralette style, thanks to its adjustable straps. Made with ribbed fabric, it feels comfy and has a sleek finish.

Expert verdict: Go from yoga mat to desk, wearing this on its own or under a T-shirt.

Sizes: XS to XL

Score: 85.2/100

Best for yoga: Lorna Jane Pace It Sports Bra, $75, lornajane.com.au

Lorna Jane Pace It Sports Bra, $75,  lornajane.com.au

Fans of Lorna Jane and flow yoga will love this light but firm bra. Its stretchy-yet-supportive structure will keep your boobs in place – no matter how complex the flow may be. 

Expert verdict: The perfect match for those with medium to smaller busts who love to drop into downward dog. The only catch is, it can be tricky to whip on and off. 

Sizes: XXS to XL

Score: 86.4/100        

Best tailored running bra: Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra, $109.95, theiconic.com.au

Ultimate Run  Bra, $109.95,  theiconic.com.au

Engineered with bouncing boobs in mind, this bra promises total support for runners – and it delivers. While it’s not the most stylish bra we tested, it will keep your boobs where they should be.

Expert verdict: Prioritising substance over style, it provides sustained comfort as you rack up the miles.

Sizes: 8A to 20D

Score: 86.2/100

Best for comfort: Gymshark Vital
Rise Seamless Sports Bra, $75,

Gymshark Vital  Rise Seamless Sports Bra, $75,  au.gymshark.com

What it lacks in adjustable features, this bra makes up for in style. Its supportive compression feels comfortable on long walks and in long-held yoga poses, while the layered design means it doubles nicely as a crop top.

Expert verdict: This bra’s fabric feels could-wear-all-day soft against the skin and never nips at the sides.  

Sizes: XS to XL

Score: 83/100     

Best for gym classes: Rockwear Monochromatic Logo High Impact, $69.99, rockwear.com.au

Rockwear Monochromatic Logo High  Impact, $69.99, rockwear.com.au

A stability triple threat, this bra features adjustable straps, a support sling and a no-bounce strap, making it ideal for high-impact activities like dancing.  

Expert verdict: Despite its sturdiness, this bra is a cinch to pull on and off so you spend less time in the change rooms and more on the gym floor.

Sizes: 8 to 18

Score: 85.5/100 

Best classic crop: Nike Medium-Support Dri-FIT Swoosh, $40, nike.com

Nike Medium-Support Dri-FIT Swoosh, $40, nike.com

This supportive crop is made with recycled bottles, has just one removable pad and will keep your keys as secure as your boobs, thanks to a nifty front pocket. However, your chest size will determine what you feel comfortable doing in it.

Expert verdict: With clever features and a green production process, this bra is a gym kit staple.

Sizes: XS to 2XL

Score: 83.1/100

Best eco sports bra: Adidas Studio Two-Tone Bra, $100, adidas.com.au 

Adidas Studio Two-Tone Bra, $100, adidas.com.au

If you’re in the market for a sports bra that doesn’t cost the earth (in all senses) you’ve met your match. This one is made from 84 per cent recycled fabrics and is seamless for all-day comfort. While it’s an investment, our testers found it fits like a glove and provides excellent compression, too.

Expert verdict: It has fashion and eco cred in its corner, making up for its higher price point.

Sizes: XS to XL

Score: 88.3/100


Best for hiking: New Balance NB Pace Bra 3.0, $45, newbalance.com.au

New Balance NB Pace Bra 3.0, $45, newbalance.com.au

Get your stomp on in this striking sports bra. While it’s billed as being suitable for medium-intensity workouts, with no adjustable straps or added cup support, our testers – especially those who wear bigger sizes – preferred to wear this bra for lower-impact activities.

Expert verdict: Comfort and style combine in this sports bra, which New Balance fans
will love. 

Sizes: XS to XL

Score: 81.2/100

Best for high impact: Lululemon AirSupport Bra High Support, $119, lululemon.com.au

Lululemon AirSupport Bra High Support, $119, lululemon.com.au

A sports bra with style and substance that’s suitable for big boobs too? No wonder this one took five years to perfect. Delivers high-level support yet feels light, it’s perfect for those with
a penchant for high-impact.

Expert verdict: No matter how much bouncing around you might do, this’ll keep the girls feeling
as light as air. 

Sizes: 32D to 40D

Score: 90/100

Best all rounder: Decathlon High Support Fitness Bra, $39, decathlon.com

Decathlon High Support Fitness Bra , $39, decathlon.com

After a, frankly, outstanding performance across almost all of our metrics, our testers concluded
that this lightly padded, affordable bra is a must-have. The budget bra exceeded all expectations, wowing our testers with the rounded shape of the cups and the fact that there was no side boob spillage.

Expert verdict: This high-impact bra is a multi-tasking steal that’ll take you from HIIT to yoga in supportive style.

Sizes: XS to 5XL

Score: 90.9/100

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