Nadia Bartel Shares Her Eating And Exercise Habits

Nadia Bartel On Baring It All And The Best Mental Health Advice She’s Ever Got

by | Aug 27, 2020

Despite a life in the spotlight it’s certainly not every day celebs reveal, well, everything on national TV. But that’s what Aussie entrepreneur and influencer Nadia Bartel is facing when The All New Monty: Ladies Night airs on Channel 7 on Sunday night.

We chat to the 34-year-old about stripping down, reducing stress and how she fits in exercise as a mum-of-two. 

Is this a cause close to your heart, what inspired you to bare it all for the show?

Yes, I am so passionate about raising awareness for breast cancer. I have also done some ambassador work with Pink Hope in the past, which do great work in this space. I think we all know of someone that has been affected by breast cancer- it is such a huge issue in Australia and is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in Australian women.

If watching our show, triggers someone at home to go to the doctors or speak to someone in their family about getting checked and potentially save one life, I will be happy.

How did you feel about exposing so much on national TV, is this something you ever saw yourself doing?

I was so nervous about it as I am not very comfortable with my clothes off in the privacy of my house, let alone in front of a huge audience dancing around.

But I kept reminding myself about the bigger issue at hand. I can easily be a little awkward on stage for a few minutes if it means we are raising awareness for this important issue.

What do you hope people get out of the show?

I hope that people at home can learn more about breast cancer and how prevalent it is in Australia, and how important it is for early detection and education. So, it’s really important that we are aware of our bodies and we do self-checks so we can catch any changes early.

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How has your attitude towards body changed as you’ve gotten older?

I have become much more comfortable the older I have gotten, especially after having my boys, I have learnt to love what my body can do, to grow and nourish my boys.

What does your morning routine involve?

I get up between 5:30 to 6 am as my boys are early risers. I try to get up before they get up and get some work and emails done. I always have a big glass of water with lemon as soon as I wake up. Then I have brekky.

Two mornings a week I try to fit in some exercise. I love Pilates and resistance training. My son is only 10 months old, and still up a few times a night, so I haven’t been able to fit much exercise in lately as sleep is more important, but I am looking forward to getting back into it soon.

What does a day on a plate look like for you?

Breakfast Two-egg omelette with tomato, cottage cheese, avocado and chilli spread, I love a bit of spice (even in the morning)

Snacks: Greek yogurt. Almonds, crackers with dip or cheese.

Lunch Rice Salad with tuna, jalapeños, rice, kimchi, cucumber and beans.

Dinner: Roast veggies, spinach, salmon with ginger and lemon.

What does a week of training look like for you?

On a good week, I try to fit in 2 x ‘one on one’ Pilates sessions with my teacher and 1 x resistance training.  I also try to fit in at least one long (and fast paced) walk with the boys.

What’s the best health, fitness or wellness advice anyone has ever given you?

The importance of meditation. It is so important to remove negative thoughts, stress, worries and anxiety. It has been such a huge difference to my mental health and wellbeing once I started doing it regularly. It can be hard to start, but there are so many apps around like Calm or Headspace which can help.

THE ALL NEW MONTY: LADIES’ NIGHT airs this Sunday September 29 at 7pm on Channel Seven.

Catch a sneak peek of Nadia’s prep below…

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