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Emily Skye on Learning to Love Her Postpartum Body and Excess Skin

"Let’s get real about ‘bouncing back’ after pregnancy."

By Emily Skye

Let’s get real about ‘bouncing back’ after pregnancy. I have experienced first-hand just how difficult it can be to appreciate and feel good about your postpartum body, especially with the excess skin and marks that gets left behind. But it’s time to reject this pressure, and instead embrace your body for all the incredible things it has done and is still capable of!

Recently, I have been accused of photoshopping my body, specifically my stomach, in order to remove or hide my wrinkly skin. When I first saw these accusations I thought it was strange because I have always made a point of showing my wrinkly postpartum skin. I like to use my platform to demonstrate that not only are all our bodies unique but they look different depending on the lighting, pose, angle, camera, whether you’re tensing or relaxed, or even during different times of the month. 

I have never and would never photoshop my wrinkly belly skin – to me it is a constant reminder of my children and how incredible my body is for what it does every single day. 

Hours after I gave birth to my son, I remember going to have my first shower at the hospital and looking at my body in the mirror. As much as pregnancy is difficult and my birth experience was extremely fast and chaotic, all I could see when I looked at myself was beauty and strength, and I took the time to thank my body for what it had just done.

Along with this, I created and filmed my pregnancy and post-pregnancy FIT programs when I was actually going through the pregnancy stages. I felt this was important for women to see that we all get excess skin, cellulite, and stretch marks during this journey, and I didn’t want to hide anything by filming it at a different and unrealistic stage.

I am now 16 months postpartum from my second baby, and I love my body more than ever. I know it can be hard sometimes to appreciate our bodies for what they do when we’re constantly focused on how it looks, but being aware of my thoughts and consciously making changes to the way I think about myself has allowed me to be so grateful for my body. It’s important for me to show the “not so flattering” parts, which is why I have been doing it for several years now and will continue to do so.

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