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This Dating App Has Added a ‘Sober Badge’ Option To its Profiles

Those on the dating app will now be able to celebrate drinking preferences and sobriety on their dating profiles.

If you’ve never questioned your relationship with alcohol before, you might not have realised just how deeply entrenched the very act is in our day-to-day lives. Our social lives seemingly revolve around drinks; it’s the thing we offer up when planning a catch-up, an excuse to unwind with work colleagues after a tough week in an environment prone to socialisation, and when it comes to dating, it’s the necessary lubricant to avoid awkwardness. But for many individuals who have reassessed their relationship with booze and chosen to forego it completely, a world without drinking is one rife with opportunities. And now, Bumble is finally allowing users to celebrate their drinking preferences and sobriety on their dating profiles with a new ‘Sober’ badge. 

The new change is a welcome one. If you’ve used Bumble before, you’d be familiar with the various options and preferences one can allocate on their profile for various questions, including substance intake. However in the past, options were limited with the choices being ‘Frequently,’ ‘Socially’, and ‘Never’. But these options didn’t accurately reflect representatives of the community and according to Charlotte Brown, Bumble’s DEI Engagement Manager, it was time to make some changes. 

“Folks who never drink are not necessarily sober,” Brown explained in an interview with Bustle. “With that in mind, and given how many people have reevaluated their relationship with alcohol as we navigate the pandemic, it felt important for Bumble to give our sober community an easy option to share that.”

It comes after many have reassessed their relationship with booze during the pandemic, as the sober-curious lifestyle gains greater and more widespread traction. Bustle recently asked over 2,000 women how their alcohol consumption had changed since the beginning of the pandemic, with 22 per cent of respondents saying they were drinking less. Overall, 38 per cent of women who responded to the poll said they were sober, straight-edge, or in recovery, with another 11 per cent admitting they don’t drink but are OK with weed.

According to data collected by the Bumble, 47 per cent of respondents who do consume alcohol are open to dating someone sober. Another 29 per cent believe that the trend of going for a drink for a first date is changing, with matches instead opting for other activities like getting a coffee, taking a walk or going bowling. Especially now that the global pandemic has changed the face of dating as we know it, “let’s go for drinks” isn’t exactly a phrase that many are willing to utter these days. With social distancing restrictions and various other concerns, now is the time to get creative with dating and think up new ways to get to know someone and see if there’s a spark worth pursuing. 

Should you want to adopt the new ‘Sober’ badge for your own profile, simply tap the grey silhouette on the bottom-left corner of your screen, and then click on “Complete my profile” under your picture to edit your profile. Underneath your Basic Info, you’ll then see all of the app’s badges where you can then scroll down to “Drinking” and select the “Sober” option. 

As Bumble emphasises, “You should feel empowered to be your whole, authentic self on Bumble. Now, carry on dating with confidence!”

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