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6 Healthy Habits To Start Now, According To A Nutritionist Who Swears by Them

You'll feel better for it.

By Sarah Di Lorenzo


We are inundated with advice on what to do when it comes healthy eating and it’s often hard for many of us to know which direction to go in. Success for some many not necessarily mean success for others.  

Here are some simple tips you can follow that work for everyone. They are easy, sustainable and a good foundation to incorporate for long term health and wellness.

1. Start the day with breakfast 

Firstly make sure you start the day with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast has been controversial especially since the popularity of fasting with time restrictions. Research shows that those who start their day with breakfast tend to eat on average 400 calories less than those who don’t, plus you will feel energised with a good mood throughout the morning. Some excellent breakfast ideas are a bowl of oats, greek yoghurt and blueberries, the oats will keep you full with that good slow release of energy, the yoghurt will support gut health and protein to keep you full plus the antioxidant support from the blueberries. Poached eggs and greens are another great choice. 

2. Protein with each meal

Protein with each meal is a simple tip that really does work. Protein keeps you full between meals, helps maintain a healthy weight and reduces muscle loss. Keeping the portion size to that of your palm with each meal is the best way to understand your individual requirement. 

3. Snack smart

Smart snacks, such as nuts and fruit, yoghurt and berries, pickles and cheese or simply a boiled egg keep you from overeating at mealtime and is great for energy levels – it also results in decreased hunger. The key to snacking smart is to make sure there is protein involved, including plant based proteins. Another excellent reason to snack smart is you broadened your nutrient intake throughout the day.

4. Carbs at breakfast and lunch 

Carbohydrates play a very important role in a healthy diet, they are one of our 3 macro nutrients that provides us with energy, remembering that there is simple (bad) and complex (good) carbohydrates to be considered and not confused.The best time to enjoy your healthy carbs is definitely with breakfast and lunch because we will be provided with a good flow of energy throughout our day. Plus our body is much more receptive to insulin in the earlier part of the day than the evening meaning we will burn much more of what we eat in the start of the day than the end.  

5. Dinner should be the smallest meal

An excellent guideline to follow for healthy weight maintenance and wellness is to always keep dinner your smallest meal, this makes perfect sense as we are more insulin resistant in the evening than the morning so we will process more of what we eat in the earlier part of the day.

6. Portion sizes

Keeping healthy portions is a simple and achievable tip. The guideline for your plate should be a palm size of protein, 3 cupped handfuls of salad and vegetables, a fist size of a good quality complex carbohydrate and a good fat.  

Always remember that the key to success is preparation. When you are prepared with your food shopping and food preparation there is never the chance for a poor food choice or falling off your program.

About the author:

Sarah Di Lorenzo is a qualified clinical nutritionist with over 20 years’ experience and the resident health and diet expert at Channel Seven’s Weekend Sunrise. Her latest book The 10:10 Diet is a holistic approach to health and wellness, suitable for even the busiest lifestyles. Rejecting the notion of fad diets, Sarah has helped thousands of Australians achieve vibrant health and wake up feeling their best every day.


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