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4 Things Jennifer Lopez Does to Get Her Glowing Skin

Celebrity facialist Ingrid Seaburn shares her tips.

The JLo glow is real. And while the 51-year-old actress and singer has plenty to be glowing about, she says the key to her good skin is actually sleep.

“The number one tip is to always get enough sleep. I can’t stress this enough. Ideally I would love to get nine or 10 hours of sleep, but either way, I always make sure I get at least eight,” Lopez told InStyle.

In fact, sleep is so important to her that it’s the number one pillar in her “Five S’s’beauty mantra for her brand new JLo Beauty line (sleep, sunscreen, serum, supplements and sano, the Spanish word describing a healthy lifestyle). She’s bottled her signature glow in products like a brightening and hydrating serum, a “wonder cream,” a moisturising sunscreen, plumping sheet masks, and even a skincare supplement—you’re welcome, world.

So, how does she do it? Celebrity facialist Ingrid Seaburn shares her tips for those looking for more youthful skin, whatever their age:

1.  A holistic approach to ageing

Ingrid says “The natural beauty that you see at 52 comes with a strict regime of defying age through product, discipline and consistent routine. Those looking for the J.Lo glow need to ensure they are exercising, eating well, hydrating often, avoiding alcohol where possible and getting enough sleep, in addition to a great skincare regime!” 

 2. The secret is in the serum

“If you are over 40 and not using a serum you should start ASAP! J.Lo’s secret is using a serum derived from olive oil, rice bran and sometimes sugarcane called Squalene, a lipid found in your skin. Finding a serum to enhance the softness and moisture it brings is key to soft supple skin like J.Lo.” 

3. Supplement your skincare

“J.Lo makes sure that her skincare is supplemented to ensure her inner beauty routine works in synergy with her skincare. Supplements utilising antioxidants, such as Vitamin A and C and peptide firming copper are essentials for ageless beauty.” 

4. Use SPF

“Nothing beats a good sunscreen for preventative skincare! J.Lo is often photographed wearing a big hat to protect her skin. This combined with using a natural, zinc-based sunscreen including UVA and UVB protection and with an olive oil base to protect and soften the skins natural barrier is key.”. 

Ingrid finishes “As we all know, J.Lo claims olive oil is the key to her fantastic skin. The real secret is protecting your skins lipid barrier, keeping it soft and supple, and oils are the way to do this. I think J.Lo might be onto something!” 

By Nikolina Ilic

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