People Are Sharing Their Tips For Staying Motivated To Exercise During Lockdown

People Are Sharing Their Tips For Staying Motivated To Exercise During Lockdown

by | Aug 27, 2020

I get it, Trust me. The last time I laced up my sneakers was pre-coronavirus quarantine – which tells you a lot about where my motivation levels are at right now. Luckily, over at Reddit, folks who are far fitter than me have shared their no-fail tips for making fitness habits stick.

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“I always keep in mind that I’m only cheating myself one way or another. Be it my gym membership fees, or the home gym equipment I invested in for home use, or even skipping out on exercises I don’t like to do or doing them improperly.

I’m only cheating myself, and in some cases I’m letting somebody else take advantage of my desire to be a healthier individual through paying them for a service I’m not utilising.” –@WeeJay11

“I hate running, but I’ve been running regularly for over ten years now. There are a couple of things that keep me running. One is that although I dread going for a run and hate it while I’m running, I have never regretted going for a run. I’m always glad afterwards that I did.

“Another is that often I make something I want a condition of doing a run first. E.g. I won’t have dinner until after I’ve gone running.

“I also have a minimum distance that I run each week. I do this each and every week, no matter if the weather is shit, if I’m on holidays or away on business, busy this week, etc. If for some reason I do not manage to make my minimum distance I make up for it the week after. I know myself well enough to realise that if I didn’t stick religiously to this, I’d quickly lapse.” – @saugoof

“Have someone to exercise with. Keep each other accountable for going and exercising. Maybe play a team sport. Then if you don’t exercise you’d be letting down the team.” – @Chairchucker

It’s taken me a long time to get here, but I’ve finally come to realise just how good, energetic, happy, and alive I feel when I exercise regularly. That feeling has become my motivation. I don’t want to feel like a slug anymore.” – @sunshineanrain

I start small. 5 mins a day or so. Then when that becomes habit and the time has been mentally carved out I increase it to maybe 10 mins. And so on and so on until my habit is fully formed. It’s hard to motivate anyone to get up and immediately start a 30-60 min run. Start small stick to it and increase it after a week or two.” – @lequalsfd

If you’re healthy you’re wealthy. My main motivation is having watched the effects of my parents eating whatever and however much they want, and never exercising. Obesity, heart disease, dozens of medications, and just a shitty quality of life in general. Even then, it’s very difficult to stay motivated sometimes, especially during winter.” – @imbrotep

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