Why an Elite Athlete Chooses To Wear This New Running Shoe - and It’s Not What You Think

Why an Elite Athlete Chooses To Wear This New Running Shoe – and It’s Not What You Think

In a crowded field of competitors, Puma’s latest arrival stands out as the ultimate state-of-the-art, performance-based shoe.

by | May 6, 2021

If avoiding injury is top of mind for every elite athlete then really, there is no bigger decision than choosing the right footwear.

“Shoes are the most important piece of equipment for every runner,” agrees Australian high jumper and Puma ambassador Nicola McDermott, who recently -and sensationally –  smashed the national 2-metre high barrier record.

But the 2018 Commonwealth Games bronze medallist didn’t choose the new Puma Nitro Deviate solely for speed, rather its exceptionally unique design.  

“For me personally, high-quality shoes have been a big part of my athlete journey in staying uninjured and progressing,” she says.  “The newest shoes [i’ve added] to my collection are the PUMA Nitro shoes which have a sole formed to correct my foot position whilst running. Wearing them makes me look forward to training each day!” 

Designed as a daily trainer to make your longer runs a whole lot easier, the Nitro Deviate holds your foot in elevated comfort while keeping performance paramount.  

Highly cushioned yet lightweight, this shoe has a soft but stable underfoot giving you exceptional push off with a bouncy, soft landing on each and every step. Its flexible plate drives you forward during toe-off while improving energy return every time. 

The aesthetically engineered low boot silhouette features a distinct outsole grip, breathable mesh upper plus reflective branding and spoiler for safer, all-hours high visibility. 

It’s a shoe built to make running easier, even on your hardest days.

“When I don’t feel like training I remember that emotions don’t dictate what I do, my intentions and mindset does,” reveals Nicola.  “Some days it’s just showing up and getting the training session done, knowing that nothing will be wasted. I also hold on to my ‘why’ when I run – when I have a strong purpose behind my training, nothing gets in the way [in me] completing the sessions.” 

Just slipping on this innovative running shoe will remind you why you wanted to run in the first place. 

I run because I love the freedom and feeling of running,” reveals Nicola.  “The places I am able to run in Australia are incredible, and with this gift, I’ve been blessed to travel the world with it. I keep running to share that nothing is impossible to the one who believes!” 

For more information visit – Nitro Running – PUMA

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