Everything You Need To Know About Mercury Retrograde

by | Jun 25, 2019

Whether you’re into astrology or not, it’s likely you know when the planet Mercury is in retrograde.

Not only is everybody tweeting, ‘gramming and posting about it, they’re also blaming every misgiving, mishap and misdemeanour on said planet.

But what does it mean when Mercury is retrograde and can we really use it as an excuse not to show up to work on time for the next three-and-a-half weeks? 

Mercury Retrograde Facts

  • When a planet is in retrograde it gives the illusion of moving backwards (but it’s actually moving super fast past earth which gives the illusion of moving backwards). It’s this gale force lightning speed gust from Mercury’s orbit that sends Earth into such a tailspin.
  • According to astrologists, every planet in our solar system rules certain areas of our life. Venus rules love and relationships, Mars rules our self will and courage and Mercury rules our transmission of information, communication, travel and technology.
  • But when Mercury is in retrograde astrologically and energetically speaking, it actually means that it’s dormant i.e it’s not functioning and governing the areas of life that we need it to, and that’s why things (read: us) go into meltdown.

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What to expect

I like to place a caveat on everything astrologically related!

The following information is to inform you of the planetary energies taking place in the sky, and yes the planets undoubtedly effect what happens down here on Earth, but be very mindful and conscious that you’re not actively creating problems and blaming them on Mercury! Okay, we good? 

Because Mercury affects communication and tech, and we run pretty much our entire lives through some sort of electronic device, the next few weeks from Nov 16-Dec 6 you might experience important emails sitting in outboxes, texts not making it to their desired destinations, computers crashing, iPhones not updating and electronic calendars messing up your schedule.  

Mercury also rules important documents like contracts, agreements, examination papers, essays and manuscripts. So press save (like all the time), read contracts very carefully before signing and if you need to sit an important exam read through every question super meticulously.

How to survive it

Mercury retrograde is not about avoiding things. I have friends who won’t sign a thing during the retrograde period and refuse to rely on any forms of technology but that’s extreme and unnecessary (plus c’mon, no phone!?) My advice is always to just be meticulous and conscious and you will absolutely survive!

Be very clear in how you communicate with others; often our words can be misconstrued or misinterpreted during this period. This goes for written, spoken and hand gestured word. Also be conscious of how you interpret other people’s words, are you taking in the information the way it’s meant to be conveyed?  

Fun fact: Our intuition is actually heightened during Mercury retrograde, so instead of having your routine flip out and documenting it on social media, take this opportunity to tune in and listen to your inner voice.

Now about that turning up late for work thing! Well, Mercury does also affect travel and transport, so I mean, is it really your fault if the bus is running late (Every. Single. Morning)?

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As Women’s Safety Minister Anne Ruston explained, the trial has been introduced with the aim to help women overcome the financial barriers that might deter them from leaving a violent relationship. “We know that financial hardship as well as economic abuse - which may involve interfering with work or controlling or withholding money - reduces women’s ability to acquire and use money and makes it difficult to leave violent relationships,” she said. 

“The payments will assist people who need financial support to leave. We know the size of the house a woman is fleeing doesn’t matter. Often she bundles the kids into the car, maybe the dog too and they leave with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.”

To be eligible for a payment, women must be facing financial stress and have some evidence of domestic violence such as a referral from a family and domestic violence service provider with a risk assessment and safety plan, or an AVO, court order or police report. As UnitingCare Australia National Director Claerwen Little said, “We believe that all people, especially women and their children, have the right to live freely and without fear, and this payment is an important step forward to ending violence against women and children.”

If you require immediate assistance, please call 000.

If you’d like to speak to someone about domestic violence, please call the 1800 

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