Women's Health Uninterrupted Season 3 Episode 4 Sophie Dillman On Living With Endometriosis

Home And Away Star Sophie Dillman Opens Up About Her Endometriosis

by | Sep 30, 2015

When we recorded this podcast, our guest Sophie Dillman was holding a hot water bottle to her stomach. The Home and Away actress is one of approximately 176 million women around the world who have endometriosis.

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This condition occurs where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus is found in other parts of the body, most often in the pelvis, and it can affect the reproductive organs.

Symptoms can include bloating, bleeding, tiredness and pain around periods, during sex and going to the bathroom. Some women have no symptoms at all; others struggle all the time. Many suffer in silence, because of the misunderstanding, misdiagnosis and lack of awareness around this complex condition that affects one in 10 women.

That’s why Sophie became an ambassador for Endometriosis Australia, to try and help women just like her. We sat down, hot water bottle and all, to talk about her endo journey, the Summer Bay sisterhood and the power of a good workout. 

In our chat, Sophie also covers:

  • Her surprising career before joining Home and Away
  • The strategies that help her manage her endometriosis
  • How she works to cultivate self-love and a positive body image
  • Why childhood sport set her up for the working world

After more info about endometriosis?  Check out great resources such as endometriosisaustralia.org and jeanhailes.org.au. It can also be good to chat to a GP specialising in women’s health.

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One of the main things experts want us to know is that we don’t have to put up with period pain – if yours is stopping you from going to school or work or just living your life, ask for help. There is support out there for you.

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