Women's Health Uninterrupted Season 3 Episode 2 Dr Nikki Stamp on heart surgery and being pretty unhealthy

Can You Actually Die From A Broken Heart?

by | Sep 30, 2015

Why is self-compassion so vital? Is the life of a surgeon just like we see on Grey’s Anatomy? Can you actually die from a broken heart?

Yep, the latest episode of our podcast Uninterrupted is a juicy one. Joining us at Women’s Health HQ is heart and lung surgeon Dr Nikki Stamp.

In addition to her work with patients as one of only 11 female heart surgeons in Australia, Nikki is a fierce advocate for female health. Not to mention the author of two books: Can you die of a broken heart? as well as her new one, Pretty Unhealthy: Why our obsession with looking healthy is making us sick, which investigates why, despite our love of all things wellness, our health as a society is declining.

In this episode, she talks about all this and more, including why we need to show our tickers some love.


  • The reality of life as a surgeon (you’ll never believe the TV show it’s actually like…)
  • How to set goals in a healthy way
  • Simple strategies for taking care of your heart
  • How to be your own health advocate
  • Self-compassion and what positive body image really means

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