Women's Health Uninterrupted Season 2 Episode 6 Emily Duggan

Emily Duggan Smashes Stereotypes As The First Female V8 Supercar Driver

by | Sep 30, 2015

Growing up in the suburbs, trailblazer Emily Duggan never imagined that smashing lap times on a race track would become her destiny. But when a spark lit inside her, she made a promise to herself to follow her passion, no matter how many obstacles stood in her way.

A rising star of the motorsport world, this 27-year-old powerhouse became the first female driver to race in the V8 Touring Car Series ­– now called the Super3 – in 2016, and also competes in the Toyota 86 Racing Series, clocking speeds of up to 230km an hour for a living.

On a mission to shatter stereotypes in a sport that’s still heavily male-dominated, she’s recently become an ambassador for Dare to be Different, an initiative designed to inspire women in every aspect of racing. She’s a fierce advocate for equality and female empowerment, and believes passionately that every girl has the right to chase their dreams – regardless of their past, where they come from, or who tells them they can’t.

In this inspiring and very honest episode, hosted by Women’s Health editor Jacqui Mooney, Emily shares the struggles and triumphs of following a path many believe is impossible, but having the bravery, self-belief and confidence to back yourself and do it anyway. She also talks openly about life, success, motivation, the incredible rise of Aussie women in sport… and the surprising reason she cranks feminist anthems from Christina Aguilera and Beyonce before every race.

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