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Watch Lizzo Learn How To Do The Splits From A Stretch Coach

The singer is embarking on a new fitness journey in which her goal is to do the splits.

Some people are genetically gifted when it comes to flexibility, others seem to suffer the curse of the immovable hamstrings. For anyone who falls into the latter category, flexibility is something we simply don’t have the vocabulary for. At school, gymnastics was something we could only watch from the sidelines, unable to even touch our toes from a standing position, let alone reach our knee caps. Even still, few things are as alluring as the ability to do the splits. If not for the benefits flexibility brings to your life in terms of injury prevention and mobility, for the kudos received when performing such skills at a party. 

It makes Lizzo’s new quest to be able to do the splits a relatable and iconic one. The Rumours singer lately took to instagram to update her countless followers on her latest fitness goals, which see her working hard to be able to do the splits. Lizzo, who admits she’s never been even remotely close to being able to do the splits, enlisted the services of stretch coach, Wade Bryant, to help her get closer to her goal. In one of the images, Bryant can be seen holding the singer’s leg up as she practices the flexy move on the raised beam. 

“DON’T GET MAD WHEN I BUSS THE SPLITS AT UR FUNCTION,” wrote Lizzo in the caption. “I’ve NEVER been close to the splits in my life! One session w @wadebryant and I’m on my way!”

The singer also shared videos to her Instagram Story, writing: “Never thought I could do the splits…tight hips and just genetically inflexible. ONE SESSION and I’m so close to my goal.”

With her beaming smile, it’s clear that Lizzo was thoroughly enjoying herself in the session, even if she does admit to screaming a fair amount throughout. It’s a testament to the singer’s desire to keep pushing herself to try new things and push past the limits she once thought defined her. And given the rate she’s improving with her splits games, we wouldn’t be surprised if she busts out the move in an upcoming music video or onstage performance. 

Wade Bryant also shared some snaps from their stretch session to his own social media page, writing: “Put respect on my name, work hard chase your dreams! Not everyone will understand your vision. By the time they’ll see it, it be priced plus tax! Had the honour of training @lizzobeeating today…side note she’s dope in real life! Now stop asking me if I train big girls any more proof! Oh and “yesterdays price is not todays price”.”

In the videos shared, Lizzo can be seen doing some exercises like forward folds. Bryant stresses that weight has nothing to do with training and it’s something we stand by. The fact is: if you’ve got a body and you run, you’re a runner. If you’re cycling, you’re a cyclist. It’s not the body shape that defines you, but the sport or activity itself.

By Jessica Campbell

Jess is a storyteller committed to sharing the human stories that lie at the heart of sport.

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