3 Tips Trainer Tiff Hall Swears By To Relieve Bloating

3 Tips Tiff Hall Swears By To Relieve Bloating

by | Nov 22, 2018

Aside from being pretty darn impractical (bye bye, high-waisted jeans!) a gassy gut can be uncomfortable, painful and seriously stressful – just ask Tiffiny Hall. Taking to Instagram this week, the celebrity trainer and founder of TIFFXO, opened up about her 20-year battle with bloating. And (coz legend) she shared her expert-approved tips to ease some of the awks.

“NOT PREGNANT! Just bloated,” she captioned a snap of her distended belly.

“We’ve all been there… when your stomach feels like it’s about to pop! But I want you to know bloating as has nothing to do with your size, weight or fitness level.”

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For Tiff, the symptoms are always worse around that time of the month, although they can be triggered by certain foods at any moment – not ideal when your job is “to wear Lycra and film fitness videos.”

Her first tip for banishing the bloat? “Drink apple cider vinegar. This helps neutralise stomach acids that may be playing up.” This can be taken first thing on an empty stomach – just add a tablespoon (or less, if you’d prefer) to a glass of warm water.

Next up, cut back on coffee AND alcohol. *Cue collective panic*

“Sorry to break it to you, but these can be a trigger for bloating,” she explained.

Then lucky last (but not least,) get moving.

“I know, I know, when you’re bloated this can sometimes feel like the LAST thing you want to do. But it really can help move the stomach gases through your system.”

There is one caveat though;  if your bloating is serious and/or ongoing, it’s always best to get an expert opinion from a doctor. “They will be able to identify if there are any major underlying causes,” added Tiff.

Sounds pretty straightforward if you ask us.

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