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This TikTok Hack Has Gone Viral For Its Ability To Calm Angry Pimples

And it’s even doctor-approved.

by | Jun 17, 2021


Why is it that on those days you’re at home with nothing of significance dotting the calendar, your skin is the best it’s ever been, that you wash your face in the morning and feel a rare smoothness of the complexion and that, every time you see your reflection, you can’t help but marvel at the glow, the hydration, the suppleness. It’s exciting, it causes you to schedule plans, to message that guy you’ve been waiting to go on a date with. And of course, as soon as the date comes, bam – Mount Vesuvius erupts on your forehead, with another mountain peak below on your chin. Trust those moments in our life where we actually want good skin to see us emerge with angry, red pimples. 

Thankfully, one TikTok trend suggests there is a way to calm those angry pimples and go on about your day like it’s nobody’s business. The hack suggests that the next time you experience one of those angry pimples, simply grab a bottle of eye drops and, using a cotton tip, pop a few drops onto your pimple to reduce the redness. The caveat though is that the eye drops need to be “redness relief” in order to reduce the red appearance of your pimples. 


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While most TikTok beauty trends and hacks tend to raise eyebrows, this one comes courtesy of board-certified internal medicine physician and skincare expert, Dr Zion Ko Lamm. Lamm suggests, “Eye drops that contain ‘redness relief’ properties contain vasoconstricting ingredients which can help reduce the redness.” But it’s important to note that the results are temporary and the ingredients of the eye drops won’t do anything for actually treating your acne. 

Still, sometimes life just calls for a little help when it comes to covering up an angry pimple and this is one hack that could do wonders. And, if you already have eye drops for redness, you’re saving on beauty products – even better. 

While it’s good to know such hacks exist out there for when you’re in a pinch, it is worth noting that acne is normal. In this age of social media where we’re constantly bombarded with images of clear skin and filters that now remove even our pores, it can be hard to maintain a grip on reality but acne is common and doesn’t define you or your self-worth.

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