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This Smart New Treadmill Is The Best Way to Crush Your Cardio Workout From Home

And the best thing about it? You don’t need a lot of space (!).

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Lockdown might have forced us away from the gym, but it’s also helped remind us how much we love working out from the comfort of home. Get up, get onto it, no travel time involved. But space is a luxury and not everyone has room for a private gym, right?

Well, if you love walking and running outdoors but are looking for an indoor option that will challenge you just as much, then you only need to consider investing in one piece of equipment: the treadmill. These cardio machines can help you get fit and work on your PBs from the warmth and comfort of your own home. And when it comes to this treadmill new lifestyle, space doesn’t have to be an issue.

Meet the new V-FOLD: a compact treadmill that is as easy to store as it is to transport and use, conveniently flipping out into any space and any sized room with ease.

Signalling a new era in home fitness, the Lifespan Fitness V-FOLD allows anyone to get fit at home while watching the latest Netflix blockbuster or catching up on world news. Here’s why we love it.

It’s a gym that’s there for you 24/7

15 mins before work? Easy. 10 mins before you have to pick up the kids from school? No problem. With the V-FOLD you can get in your daily steps come rain, hail or shine-walk and work, or keep active and burn calories literally any time of the day.

It’s super sleek

Forget that traditional chunky machine we often relate to treadmills, the V-FOLD complements – not competes – with your abode. Not only is it ergonomically designed (attn: my physio), but it looks great while you’re using it too, thanks its modern aluminium frame and high-quality finishes.

It’s child-safe

#Attn all our fellow mums (fur-baby or otherwise), the V-FOLD has a handy child lock which means you don’t have to worry about your kids or pets going rogue on the device. It’s also relatively quiet so you can use it while your little ones are sleeping.

It’s easy to set up

The V-FOLD comes fully assembled, so it’s all ready to go as soon as it arrives. All you have to do is unfold it, which only requires one person thanks to the lightweight design!

Oh and don’t fret, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to get started: while you can connect the treadmill to your phone to record your runs, the LED display on the device means that you can get walking away with the hit of a button.

And put away

A sleek design means it’s a whopping 60% slimmer than a standard treadmill, while an effortless mechanism allows it to be folded in half. What this means is that is can be stored in tight spaces-think under the bed, under the couch and in those tiny space between the wall and your furniture.

And you can use it with a standing desk!

Yep, just fold the armrests down and place the V-FOLD under a standing desk to walk while you work! Nice.

Backed by an industry-leading warranty, you can rely on V-FOLD by Lifespan Fitness to keep up with your busy schedule and fitness regime. Check it out here, 


By Nikolina Ilic

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