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This Sexologist Tried 7 Sex Toys in 7 Days

Here's what she learned from masturbating every day for a week.

Sexologist Chantelle Otten isn’t afraid to walk the walk when it comes to masturbation. And to prove exactly that, Otten took on the Seven Toys in Seven Days Challenge where she found time for solo play every day for a week with a new sex toy.

In her mission, Chantelle found that engaging in solo play every day had benefits both outside and inside the bedroom – and it makes sense: many experts believe there is a link between sexuality and creativity, so regular masturbation may help to open your mind and get your creative juices flowing.

“I slept a lot better and definitely felt a lot more relaxed. Over the week, I was feeling more creative, daydreaming a lot more and I found I was more open-minded throughout the experiment,” Chantelle said.

The aim of the Seven Toys in Seven Days experiment is to encourage exploration in solo play, since it is never too late to discover new things about your body and pleasure.

“Mixing it up is really important to cultivate a desire for different types of stimulation. The experiment gave me an excuse to use different types of toys that I might not usually use as my go-to. It was my first time using a glass dildo, and I enjoyed the experience,” Chantelle said.

Each of the seven toys that Chantelle trailed during the experiment had their own unique benefits.

“The Womanizer made me orgasm the fastest and the rabbit had the most powerful sensation, since it gives you a blended orgasm through G spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation,” said Chantelle.

For Chantelle, the highlight of the experiment was having an excuse to prioritise time to take care of herself, learn new things about her sexuality and enjoy lots of orgasms along the way.

“During the experiment, I experienced vaginal, clitoral and backdoor orgasms. Yay!”

Check out her week of orgasms below.

Day 1: Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

“The Womanizer made me orgasm the fastest. This toy is ideal for lovers of clitoral stimulation and settings range from a soft gentle suction to intense pulsations.”

Day 2: Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo 7 Inch

Day 3: Lovehoney Marbled Sensual Glass Prober

“Similar to the glass dildo but a little bit smaller, this toy is great for anal play delivering an intense internal massage.”

Day 4: Lovehoney Ignite 20 Function Finger Vibrator

“Your finger, but better! This one is great for precision stimulation and finding the sweet spot. Love the compact design and the way it feels like an extension of your finger.”

Day 5: Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

“The rabbit is one of my favourites. I’m all about using clitoral stimulation. It really hits the spot for me and leads me on the fast track to a blended orgasm through G spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation.”

Day 6: Lovehoney Mains Powered Classic Metallic Magic Wand

“The wand vibrator is a classic, just add a splash of lube and you’re off! Amazing for those who enjoy intense stimulation.

Day 7: Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Massager

“This massager is designed to be worn handsfree, making it a great one to gift him to really turn up the intensity in partnered sex.”

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