This Is The Difference Between Weight Loss And Fat Loss

This Trainer Has Just Broken Down The Difference Between Weight Loss And Fat Loss

It’s pretty well established that dropping kilograms isn’t always the best indication of progress when it comes to health and fitness. But if you needed any more of a reason to step away from the scales, Trainer Max Weber has broken down the important difference between weight loss and fat loss, and why focusing on the former won’t work.

The Insta-famous fitness coach took to social media to explain that why monitoring your weight won’t give you the full picture when it comes to wellness.

“The number on the scale (our weight) fluctuates ALL the time. Daily, hourly and even by the minute,” he wrote.

“When we look at fat loss progress over time, it is much more linear than weight loss progress. As weight loss progress fluctuates up and down quite a bit, fat loss progress is smooth and straight because our body fat percentage or lean mass does not fluctuate in the instance where we drink a glass of water, or eat a big meal and then step on the scale — only our bodyweight does this.”

He also recommends monitoring other factors like measurements, progress pictures, performance, energy, confidence, the way your clothes fit and general feelings.

“So, bottom line is this… as you make progress on your bodyweight and body fat and body composition goals, don’t rely on one variable as progress! Focus on multiple variables, because things like bodyweight are fluctuating all the time!”

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