These Powerful Photos Celebrate The Beauty Of Common Skin Conditions

These Powerful Photos Are Breaking Down Stigma Around Common Skin Conditions

From clothes sizes to cellulite, the body positivity movement shows no signs of slowing down but there’s one issue that’s still not getting enough of the spotlight – skin.

That’s why UK photographer Sophie Harris Taylor is striving to break down the stigma surrounding common conditions like acne, psoriasis and rosacea with her powerful photo series, Epidermis.

“As someone who’s struggled to feel confident within myself, I’m pretty invested in body positivity as a whole,” Harris-Taylor wrote for i-D. “I suffered terrible acne throughout my teenage years and early 20s. This made me feel like I stood out in those awkward years when I was desperately trying to fit in.”

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Sophie’s project features untouched portraits of bare-faced women showing their different skin conditions, some of whom had never left the house without makeup on.

“I think it made me realise that we are much more critical and aware of our own supposed ‘imperfections’ than anyone else. You can only assume this is made worse by the unrealistic standards we see represented in the world around us.”

But her biggest lesson? 

“Beauty comes from within and the earlier you can learn that the better. Be a beautiful friend, be kind, be thoughtful, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how physically conventionally beautiful you are, your loved ones love you for your individuality, not for the way in which you conform.”

Hear, hear. 

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