The New Parenting Podcast Answering All The Qs You’re Too Embarrassed To Ask

The New Parenting Podcast Answering All The Qs You’re Too Embarrassed To Ask

When it comes to parenting, there are only so many resources you can go to for help. Naturally, your own parents spring to mind, but often such a debrief only leads to friction, calling into question your own upbringing and everything you learned along the way. There are friends, too, but if you’re the new mum in the social group, those around you can quickly tire of hearing about the baby. Similarly, so can all your Instagram followers. Parenting is terrain that’s tricky, challenging and often confronting, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Sometimes though, there’s only so many self-help books you can read before you realise that those awkward or embarrassing questions you need to ask, just aren’t going to be answered. Thankfully, there’s a new podcast tackling all the questions you have on parenting, aptly named Not Another Parenting Podcast.

We get it. The podcast library is positively groaning under the weight of all these shows about navigating parenthood, but this podcast is different from the rest. Hosted by two very funny mums and Nova hosts, Sarah McGilvray and Cathrine Mahoney, it’s not the place you go to get advice on the best way to swaddle your child. Nor should it be your point of reference when it comes to whether you should give your children pocket money or not. But if you’re looking for a safe space where you can ask the question “How do I keep my children alive?” without fear of judgment at the end of the week, this is the destination for you. 


The hilarious, no-holds-barred and no-judgement conversation between Cath and Sarah are as hilarious and entertaining as they are informative. Forget about the wet wipes, grab a glass of wine and sink into the couch. In this podcast, the pair will discuss all the realities that come with parenting, such as the pros and cons of hitting on a single dad at a kid’s party and how to hide from the babysitter when she comes home 15 minutes ahead of schedule because you’re not paying her to give your children back early. 

Speaking about the new podcast, which launches its first episode today, Cathrine said, “I am thrilled to be combining two of my favourite things; podcasting and hanging out with Sarah…now if we can wrangle Tom Hardy as a guest that would make my year! I’m also excited to finally be able to finish a conversation with Sarah without one of our kids interrupting, it is off putting when halfway through a phone chat Sarah says, “great job on the poo”. That is a toilet training reference not husband and wife banter by the way. Hopefully the listeners will enjoy our weekly oversharing and have a giggle along at our (and our kids) expense.”

With the first episode having been released today under the title “Help! Mum’s Got the Scissors”, tune in to hear about the worst kids haircuts as Sarah divulges how her mum sneakily tried to cut her kids hair while Sarah was out the room, how TV shows can affect you (hello, Normal People), and a nostalgic movie chat induced by Cath realising one of the unspoken reasons she had a child was to be able to watch all of her childhood/teenage movies again with her son. 

The podcast is available to stream online, or via Spotify, Apple, Google and plenty other means. 

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