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The “Naughty Nutritionist” aka Lola Berry on Embracing Failure

The latest episode of Uninterrupted has landed.

Lola Berry is one of the OGs of the Australian wellness scene, she’s a nutritionist, author and podcaster who as you’ll hear shortly, takes a more lenient approach to clean living than most. In her new book – her 11th! – Fearlessly Failing (Affirm Press, $29.99) – she explores why failure is the best thing that can ever happen to you, seriously. Stuff ups may cause major cringe, but according to Lola, failure is something we should not only run towards but also embrace. Like big, warm hug vibes.

In our chat, Lola not only talks about her own failures – from career mistakes to heartbreaks – she also opens up about her mental health journey and her new life in LA. She earns herself the moniker ‘the naughty nutritionist’ too.

Because my body was scrutinised really early on in my career – in my early 20s – I learned so early on that I’m never going to please everyone. And … I need to figure out what I need to be for me and my own health, because I’m always going to be too fat for someone and too skinny for someone else,” she explains. ⁠

So what did this journey look like for her? Well, you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out.

In this chat, Lola covers:

– Lola’s upbringing and how it eventually shaped her career

– Moving to LA and embracing the wellness scene

– Her cancel culture experience

– All the times she’s failed – and how it helped her become what she is today

 Great tips from the chat:

– You’re always going to be ‘too fat’ for someone, and ‘too skinny’ for someone else, so it’s important to honour your own health.

 – Welcome failure. If you let it be something that will crush your spirit or make you want to give up, then you’ve let it win.

 – Having a therapist is like taking your brain to the gym. You don’t have to wait for something to happen to go and see one.

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