The Morning Routines These 3 Athletes Swear By

The Morning Routines These 3 Athletes Swear By

Serena Williams, Charlotte Caslick and Cate Campbell share. Lucy E. Cousins 1 / 3 The Rugby Sevens Star Rugby sevens icon and Olympic gold medallist Charlotte Caslick goes hard on training days – but her off-days are all about sleep-ins and big breakfasts! Prep Is Key “I wake up about an hour before I have […]

by | Apr 19, 2021

Serena Williams, Charlotte Caslick and Cate Campbell share. Lucy E. Cousins
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The Rugby Sevens Star

Rugby sevens icon and Olympic gold medallist Charlotte Caslick goes hard on training days – but her off-days are all about sleep-ins and big breakfasts!

Prep Is Key

“I wake up about an hour before I have to leave [for training] to pack my bag and lunch, then I head out. Once I get there, we have a flexibility routine we have to go through, as well as a weigh in, and then I do a couple of tests that show I’m ready to train. After that, we do
a quick warm up before we head out to the field.”

Schedule Rest and Recovery

“I don’t really like waking up early but we finish [training] at around 2.30pm, so I get to do whatever I want after that… and I usually go straight to the beach! On my days off, I get to sleep in until 8am, then I make myself breakfast – usually it’s bacon and eggs, some toast, haloumi and whatever else I’ve got in the fridge. My days off are definitely pretty slow.”

Eat for Your Lifestyle

“I try to make sure I’m eating well and fuelling my body. During [the pandemic] I wasn’t eating as consistently as I usually would, so I’m trying to get back on track with eating my proper three meals a day and then having good snacks. It’s about making sure I give my body enough fuel to really recover properly.”

Look for the Silver Lining

“When we were in lockdown, I was at my farm [in Queensland] for most of the time. But I’d usually try and wake up early still. My partner [pro-athlete Lewis Holland] plays rugby as well, so we’d train together. When we’re at the farm there’s cattle work, feeding the horses and running them around. We bought it about four years ago and we’re having our wedding there later this year, so the lockdown gave us lots of timeto prepare for that!”

Richard Freeman.

The Olympic Swimmer

For three-time Olympian and our former WH Sportswoman of the Year Cate Campbell, early mornings were made for training, second breakfasts and refreshing power naps.

Get It Done Nice and Early

“My alarm goes off at 5.20am, and I immediately roll over and turn on my bedside light, so I don’t fall asleep again! I’m usually out of bed by 5.24am and getting ready for training – packing my bag and making a quick breakfast of muesli. I arrive at the pool at 6am, then do 30 minutes of core/stretching/pre-swim activation, before jumping in the water for a 5km session. I’m back home by 9.15am for my second breakfast – eggs and avocado on toast. And if I’m lucky, I can head back to bed for a 45-minute nap as well.”

Listen to Your Body’s Needs

“I always have to eat something [in the morning] – even when I was starting at 5am. If I don’t, I simply don’t have the energy to finish the [training] session. Sometimes, if I’m feeling unmotivated, it’s simply because I haven’t eaten enough. It’s my body’s way of telling me that
it needs more energy.”

Work out What Soothes Your Soul

“Luckily, I was able to train uninterrupted for most of 2020. During lockdown, I would wake up early and walk out to watch the sun come up. Despite not actually being a morning person, sunrise is my favourite time of the whole day. Watching it is really good for my soul.”

Make a Commitment to Yourself

“I’m not someone who wakes up early by themselves, but I made
a commitment to myself to get out of bed. And, even more importantly, I made a commitment to my coach and squad mates to be at training. So even if I don’t feel like it, I know they’re expecting me to show up. Being accountable to someone other than myself is
such a huge motivator.”

Look after Your Skin

“Because I train outdoors in the mornings, good sunscreen is a must. I always look for products that are dermatologically tested and have natural ingredients, such as Eau Thermale Avène sunscreen [Cate is a brand ambassador]. After the pool, it’s all about hydration, hydration, hydration. I rinse off the chlorine as soon as possible and massage in a super hydrating moisturiser – being sure to massage the goggle marks around my eyes so I don’t spend the rest of the morning looking like a racoon. After moisturiser, it’s another layer of sunscreen to give me protection throughout the rest of the day.”

Steven Chee.

The Tennis World Champion

The winner of 23 Grand Slam singles titles, tennis great Serena Williams takes time to relax before attacking her AM with gusto.

Take Some ‘Me’ Time

“My daughter [Olympia, three] wakes me up… That’s my alarm clock! I tend to her straight away, see how she’s doing, and hang out with her. Then I do tend to take the mornings for myself, so I usually train or do some gym [work]. When I’m at home, I’ll do yoga and relax and just have that first hour to myself. I’ve actually never done that before, but I’ve really been trying to learn a little balance. Although it’s hard, this is a really good start for me. I think it’s important for [my daughter] to see that I’m there for her, then I have mummy time and I’m here for her again. It’s good for her to know that I need that solo time for myself.”

Find What Works for You

“I’m not a routine person in terms of like, ‘I need coffee’. I aim to do yoga every morning, but it’s not a must. I try not to have those kinds of routines in terms of food or coffee because I don’t want to be dependent on anything. Honestly, sometimes when I do yoga, I actually do it in
a tennis skirt – purely because I like wearing them! And obviously my Berlei bra, because it supports me in the best way anything can. [Yoga is] the perfect opportunity just to spend time with myself.”

Prioritise Rejuvenation

“Last year was actually great for me as a mum. I got to spend time with my family, husband and daughter. And that was really nice. As an athlete, tennis is different. We play a socially-distanced sport. So, we’re able to train [when there are restrictions], we just weren’t able to compete. If anything, it felt like a rejuvenation and a chance to just get healthy, which I needed, and to take some precious time off.”


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