The Bizarre Product Margot Robbie Uses On Her Lips

The Bizarre Product Margot Robbie Uses On Her Lips

by | Jan 31, 2018

It’s mostly assumed that celebs use all manner of rare and ritzy products to maintain their eternal youth, but our favourite Aussie likes to keep it real.

Margot Robbie revealed that one of her go-to beauty products is bizarre, but easily accessible, one.

“My lip balm, I use Bepanthen, which is actually a nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers or diaper rash cream for babies,” she told Elle magazine.

“I have a conspiracy theory that lip balms actually have additives in them to dry your lips out so you keep buying them. But because Bepanthen is just a cream for dry skin, it works.”

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The 26-year-old actor also shared her simple skincare routine.

“If I eat or drink heaps of dairy, my skin breaks out,” Robbie said. “I love dairy and I have it all the time but if I’m filming or if my skin is really shit, then I try to cut down and just drink lots of water.”

“But I pretend cheese isn’t dairy because I will never accept that I can’t have it. I love it.”

This is a gal after our own heart.

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