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The Anti-Ageing Secrets Behind Your Favourite Celebrities’ Glowing Complexions

With dermatologists, experts and facials at their disposal, celebrities know a thing or two about what it takes to get glowing skin. And when it comes to anti-ageing, these stars are spilling the tea on the products they swear by.

The quest for eternal youth is so pervasive, even Jeff Bezos wants in on it. But when it comes to ageing gracefully, our skin tends to give away our sins long before our body does. It’s why anyone who has ever rolled their eyes as a child at their mum shrieking after them at the beach to put more sunblock on suddenly comes to appreciate the wisdom decades later, when the desire for summer tanlines comes to be steamrolled by the hope of fading at least some of the sunspots and pigmentation you’ve accumulated in your lifetime at the beach. 

When it comes to celebrities though, you can be sure that their skin regimen is a priority. While all manner of cosmetic procedures now exist to ensure we never have to look a day past our youth, it’s those who embrace ageing naturally that wear it best, and their skin is all the better for it. Though you might expect some of the world’s biggest stars to remain tight-lipped about their skincare secrets, thankfully some know just how beneficial instruction can be and are letting their countless fans in on exactly what they do to retain their youthful complexion. 

Whether it’s a life-hack or product recommendation, we’ve enlisted the services of 10 of your favourite celebrities to find out what it is they do to keep their skin youthful. Should you be looking for a little help by way of anti-ageing advice, look no further. Here they reveal their best advice. 

Jennifer Lopez

Queen of the youthful glow, J.Lo founded her own skincare brand JLo Beauty, which reflects her ethos of simple skincare and good ingredients. One ingredient she swears by is olive oil as she told InStyle, “My mum and aunts swear by olive oil to deliver a glow. The hero ingredient in JLo Beauty is a modernised version of olive oil, called the Olive Complex. It’s a combination of ingredients derived from extra-virgin olive oil, fermented oil, leaf extract, and squalene. It gives the skin this weightless, all-day hydration, antioxidant protection, and an ageless radiance. And it doesn’t smell like salad dressing.”

Lily Aldridge

The model revealed that the secret to her flawless complexion is moisturiser and sheet masks. “I start by moisturising to prep my skin – sometimes I’ll even throw on a face mask,” she told InStyle. “Toward the end of my third trimester with my son, when I was counting the seconds until giving birth, I’d put one sheet mask on my face and another on my bump and watch TV. My daughter thought it was so hilarious!”

Kelly Ripa

The talk show host retains her youthful glow thanks to exercise, sharing with her fans that she loves to do a dance class to keep her body and mind young. “I have to remind myself that I’m not 23 because I still feel like I am,” she said in an interview. 

Penelope Cruz

The eternally-youthful actor has often talked about her passion for beauty and how it was instilled in her from a young age due to her relationship with her mother. “[She always said] to eat healthy and get a solid amount of rest. I remember her sounding like a broken record telling us to eat our veggies and go to sleep,” she told InStyle. “She annoyed me, but now, as a mother, I hear myself saying the same things.”

Jennifer Aniston

Known for her stunning complexion and radiant skin, Aniston seems to have hardly aged a day since leaving our screens as the iconic Rachel Green. A fan of micro current facials, she dubs the process “a little workout for your face,” and admits she’s also a fan of the Clear and Brilliant Laser treatments. As well as that, she always makes sure to use a light hand when applying makeup and never goes out without wearing SPF 50.

Halle Berry

Berry champions moisture for her dewy complexion, believing that her skin looks best when it’s dewy rather than powdery. She told InStyle that the secret to keeping her skin radiant is to use rosewater, which she sprays on her face before doing makeup and allows to sink in. “It keeps my makeup looking very dewy, and I feel like it just makes me look more youthful, alive, and fresh.”

Salma Hayek

The age-defying Salma Hayek is a firm believer in cleansing the face and never going to bed with a full face on. “I’ve never gone to bed without washing my face. Never in my life,” he told InStyle. “Even if I’m sick, tired – heck, even if I was drunk! I might forget to take off the dress, the shoes, and the jewellery, but not the makeup. It’s second nature.”

Sarah Jessica Parker

Of course you would expect the woman who played Carrie Bradshaw to know a thing or two about ageing gracefully. Parker told InStyle that the secret is going to bed with clear skin. “The thing I’m most diligent about is washing my face,” she told the publication. “I say to my husband, ‘Oh, I’m so tired, Matthew! I don’t want to wash my face.’ He’s like, ‘Why do you need to?’ He doesn’t get it. I also always wear moisturiser and lip balm.”

Olivia Wilde

On the red carpet, Wilde continues to stun with her flawless skin and says her top products are the True Botanicals Renew lineup. “My regimen is the Pre-Cleanse Oil, followed by the Hydrating Renew Cleanser,” she told InStyle. “I use the Vitamin C Booster a couple times a week, and I love the Nutrient Mist, but the Pure Radiance Oil was my gateway into the line. I slather it all over morning and night.”

Jessica Alba

With her own beauty line, Alba has long proclaimed the importance of looking after your skin and being mindful of the products you apply to it. “My mother taught me to always wear sunscreen, and to treat my beauty products as an investment,” she explains. “She would cheap out on her clothes before she would ever skimp on her skincare or makeup. She’d say, ‘Listen, this is your face. It’s all you’ve got.’”

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