Here's Why Tammin Sursok Schedules Sex With Her Husband

Tammin Sursok Makes A Compelling Case For Why All Parents Should Schedule Sex

Motherhood seriously eats into your free-time (brb, just raising a child!), and sometimes, that means catching up on sleep when you’d rather be doing something else… like getting busy.

Tammin Sursok knows the drill. Speaking on Kidspot’s podcast (aka, The Juggling Act) the LA-based Aussie actress shared how the perils of parenting had taken a toll on her sex life with husband Sean McEwen.

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“For the first two to four years, you’re really close as a couple and then when kids and work come in, you sort of split apart and that’s when the danger zone is – and then you kind of come back after those years when the kid grows up,” she said. 

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The couple first noticed they were going through a “rough period” after welcoming their daughters Phoenix and Lennon to the world (now 6-year-olds and 12 months, respectively.)

“We were just bickering and tired and aggressive and hit having sex and I was like ‘no no no. hold up. We love each other so much, we’ve got to stop,’ she continued. “We started going away together once a month to communicate and have sex and talk – we became each other’s best friends again.”

The biggest thing she’s learned? Parents should always prioritise sex – even if that requires putting a date in the calendar.

“Go and have a drink. Have sex. Schedule it,” she said.

“If I didn’t schedule sex, I would never have it. I have sex on Tuesdays and Fridays because that’s when the nanny is there. Sometimes it starts a little awkward but then I go ‘Oh I like this.’”

You heard the woman.

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