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Sweating And Hot Flashes Before Your Period? You’re Not Alone

Turns out there’s a reason behind those night sweats you experience during your period.

by | Jul 16, 2021

When it comes to periods, some symptoms are to be expected. From the bloating to the cramps, to the desire to consume the entire contents of your fridge and every sugary, chocolate-laden thing you can get your hands on, these we’ve come to know and understand. Lesser known though, are those symptoms that seem to fly under the radar, are rarely discussed, and have us sitting up late at night consulting Google Doctor. Consider those night sweats you might have before your period, or the sensation of feeling hot or sweating more than usual. If it’s happened to you, you’re not alone. As it happens, there are a number of reasons why we feel sweaty before our periods.

Thanks to hormone changes with the body that occurs during the menstrual cycle, we often perspire more closer to our periods. In a recent interview with Popsugar, Marco Mouannes, MD, ob-gyn and fertility expert at the Rejuvenating Fertility Centre, explained that fluctuating and changing hormones are commonly responsible for seeing us sweat rather heavily.

As Mouannes suggests, “This hormonal imbalance directly affects the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for the regulation of the internal core temperature. Therefore, some women might experience night sweats, hot flashes, and excessive sweating right before they get their periods.”

Hot flashes might sound like something you only experience in menopause, but similar hormonal changes occur during your period. As progesterone levels increase, there’s often a slight increase in your body temperature, although most don’t notice it. As progesterone levels rise and oestrogen levels fall, the decrease often sees the brain release other hormones that make the brain more sensitive to small changes in body temperature. The result? Hot flashes that see your body sweat so you can cool off.

In a similar vein to bloating and headaches experienced by many before their period, excessive sweating and hot flashes are also common and as a result, typically they aren’t cause for concern. That said, persistent sweating outside of your period could be an indication of other pressing medical issues. For instance, fever, chill, abdominal pain, vaginal discharge, and weight change along with sweating could be something more serious, making an appointment with your healthcare professional a necessity.

By Jessica Campbell

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