‘How I Stayed Active During My Pregnancy’

At the exciting time we found out we were pregnant earlier this year I was the fittest I had been in a long time (thanks to being engaged to a PT!). Being a little older (12 years) than when I had Eve, I knew the healthier I was the better it would be for me […]

by | Oct 24, 2017

At the exciting time we found out we were pregnant earlier this year I was the fittest I had been in a long time (thanks to being engaged to a PT!). Being a little older (12 years) than when I had Eve, I knew the healthier I was the better it would be for me and our bub so I wanted to keep going but in a safe way. My timing was perfect as Sam was about to introduce his 28 pregnancy program and I was more than happy to be the test dummy.

It combines pregnancy-safe workouts every day, pregnancy pilates and yoga options and a pregnancy safe eating plan designed by their nutrition team. I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t follow it to the letter. I made sure I listened to my body and just went for a walk when I was a little tired or needed a break. At 38 weeks pregnant I couldn’t believe how strong and energised I felt. 

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For lots of women (including me when I was pregnant with Eve), not knowing what exercises you can safely do probably means that you don’t do anything at all. No mother wants to put their baby at risk if they’re not completely confident.

Sam’s program was put together by a pregnancy physiotherapist so I felt confident completing all the workouts and with the team of experts I felt constantly supported. Having Sam there to do up my laces (as that became an impossibility) was definitely been a bonus too! I know everyone is different and every pregnancy is different, but this is how I kept healthy and active throughout my pregnancy:

Sam Wood


1. Low-impact home workouts

One of the best things about Sam’s program is that you can do it from home. I loved being able to exercise in my PJ’s before school drop off or take advantage of random bursts of energy throughout the day. You really don’t know how you’re going to be feeling at any given time when you’re pregnant, so I love the flexibility and convenience of being able to workout from home. 

2. Eating healthy… most of the time

With pregnancy comes cravings! This time around I craved sugary breakfast cereal ALL the time. I won’t lie, I did make Sam go to the supermarket multiple times to pick up boxes of cereal but I also made sure I had some homemade muesli on hand too. Sometimes you have to give in to your cravings, you just don’t want to overdo it.

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3. Pilates & Yoga

I didn’t do much Pilates or Yoga before my pregnancy because I spent more of my time either working out 1:1 with Sam at the gym or doing his workouts from home. I had no idea what I was missing! Yoga and Pilates have been amazing for helping to strengthen my core and helping with my mobility as my growing tummy puts more and more pressure on my body. 

4. Move every day

Even when I felt like I’m glued to the couch, I try to make sure I move every day. Some days it’s not even 28 minutes – just a 10 minute lap of the block. Even if it’s just for a short walk, I promise you will feel better for it!

sam Snez


I know that some days you feel like you’ve been stung by a bee all over and exercise is the last thing on your mind but I promise you, staying healthy & active during pregnancy is the best thing you can do for your body and your mind. Listen to your body, be kind to it and never forget how amazing it is that you’re growing a little human!


Snez x

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire.


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