Scorpio Season Is Here And If You've Been Feeling Paranoid It's Not A Coincidence

Scorpio Season Is Here And It’s Going To Make You Feel Paranoid

by | Oct 22, 2019

There are certain times when life gets a little…intense. One of them just so happens to be, well, now. Scorpio season is here to bring some tension (and more) to the table. Buckle up, because you’re in for a wild, emotional ride.

In case you’re not familiar with astrological seasons, Scorpio season is just one of the 12 seasons that happen each year. Each season has a different impact on your zodiac sign and lines up with a particular time of year. Scorpio season is happening from October 23 through November 21—and it’s no joke.

Expect to have some serious feelings and get in touch with your sexuality. There also might be a ‘lil dash of paranoia thrown into the mix (fun!).

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Ya know, no biggie. But don’t freak (just yet, anyway)—Donna Page, a certified astrologer, is here to break it all down.

What does Scorpio season mean for your sign?

  1. There’s a lot going down during Scorpio season, but it’s really about developing your intuition—whether it’s telling you what to order at Starbucks or that someone is no good for you. “It’s a time of learning to trust your gut and knowing that experience teaches you things,” Page says.
  2. Scorpio season is also “ultimately a time of understanding your own agenda,” Page explains. You’ll tap into hidden sides of yourself, and try to get really deep with what makes you, well, you.
  3. It’s not all touchy-feely stuff, though. Part of Scorpio season’s ~energy~ will totally make you feel paranoid, Page says. That doesn’t mean you’ll start hiding out in your closet, armed with a flashlight, kitchen knife, and Netflix for days. Instead, you’ll start to have some serious q’s about those you surround yourself with. “It’s about being able to understand people and their personalities and their agendas,” Page says.
  4. A good way to blow off all that steam? Getting it on Marvin Gaye-style—something you’ll be all about during Scorpio season. “It’s very sexual,” Page says. You’ll want to share things with your S.O. (or whoever’s occupying your bed for the night), and you’ll be ready to crank up the heat in the bedroom.

All that fire can also bring a little tension to your love life and, yeah, there can be some fighting. The upside: When you duke it out with your partner, you’ll try to do it in a way that ultimately makes things better for your relationship. So, fighting = good-ish.

Scorpio season will impact every zodiac sign, but Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo will feel it the most.

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How will Scorpio season affect the rest of your year?

Becoming an intuition ninja can pay off for you big time down the road. You’ll tap into your gut and use it to help make you super decisive going forward.

Also, tbh, questioning people’s motives isn’t a terrible thing. You may start to weed out people who just aren’t, in the words of Bachelor Nation, “here for the right reasons,” so you can focus on the friends who really do matter.

As for the relationship side of things, clearing the air with your S.O. can help you focus on moving forward together, instead of constantly bickering over the same crap over and over. And, really, doesn’t that sound nice?

When’s the next zodiac season?

Next up is Sagittarius season, which kicks off on November 22. During Sag time, you’ll feel more positive and open-minded than you have in the past, which is pretty freaking awesome after all the emotions that bubbled up during Scorpio season.

Until then, use this time to figure out your sh*t. You’re gonna need it.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US

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