The Eating And Exercise Regime Behind Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Body

The Eating And Exercise Regime Behind Scarlett Johansson’s Body

No wonder she looks so good in that suit 🔥 - by Lucy Bode

Her curves! Those guns! That teeny, tiny waistline! There’s no denying the girl is fit, but she also worked HARD at the gym to prep for her role as Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame.



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“We treated the process like an athlete preparing for competition,” Eric Johnson, Scar-Jo’s PT told Harper’s Bazaar. “By placing more emphasis on her performance, her physique just followed.”

These sweat sessions mainly involved “integrated foundational strength training” inspired by plyometrics, yoga, Olympic weight lifting, kettlebells and gymnastics. Some of the moves on the agenda? Bear crawling, medicine ball throwing, deadlifts, pull-ups, military presses, pistol and kettlebell swings.

“We worked to not only challenge her body to adapt, but also stimulate her mind,” Johnson explained.

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But as all fitness buffs know, abs are made in the kitchen – which is why Scarlett amended her diet accordingly too.

“She cycles through days of high carbohydrates and low-fat consumption, versus low carbohydrates and higher fat while maintaining protein intake,” Johnson said, adding that the actress also stuck to a 12-hour “fasting window.”

“At moments we pushed beyond that to 14-to-15 hours depending on the filming schedule.”

As for her daily food fare, Us Weekly says Scarlett eats “mostly” vegan. Think, oatmeal, fresh fruits, veggies, salad, lean protein and smaller meals – but several serves a day.

Proof it takes a whole lotta discipline to stay in such great shape.

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