Ryan Reynolds Shares His Tip For Those Having To Endure A Child Obsessed With ‘Baby Shark’

Ryan Reynolds Shares His Tip For Those Having To Endure A Child Obsessed With ‘Baby Shark’

Some celebrities are so endearing, so charismatic, that we can’t help but fantasise about knowing them personally. It’s an odd thing to do, notably because the likelihood of such a thing happening is all but impossible. But hey, it worked for Hugh Grant’s character in Notting Hill, surely stranger things have happened? 

When it comes to the union of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, it’s not so much one that we fantasise about inserting ourselves into as opposed to one we can only take inspiration from. Theirs is an ideal marriage, one that almost seems too good to be true – only in this instance, it is. The marriage of two beyond beautiful people, two hilarious souls, and two characters who are absolutely dominating their industry. If all that wasn’t enough to make this the couple of the century, the pair don’t even go to great lengths to rub our noses in their happiness. They simply joke around and roast each other on social media in such a way that it’s almost worse, for you can only do such a thing when you’re blissfully in love. 

The pair have often shared stories about parenting and the chaos that exists when you have toddlers ruling the household. Now, Ryan Reynolds is sharing a rather great parenting hack, one that anyone who has had to ensure the sound of “Baby Shark” relentlessly can relate to. 

The father of three recently shared that his youngest daughter, Betty, is the latest victim to the “Baby Shark” trend. Not content with having to hear another minute of the song, Reynolds shared a plan for nipping her fixation in the bud. He wrote on Instagram, “My one-year-old daughter is obsessed with Baby Shark. All-day. Every day. There’s only one way to fix this.” 

He then proceeded to share several stills from 2016’s The Shallows, which saw star Blake Lively have to fight for her life after being attacked by a great white shark while surfing. Blake offered her own take on the matter, commenting on the post: “She’s gonna love Savages,” a reference to her 2012 thriller that sees her character get kidnapped by members of a drug cartel. 

Once again, the couple has just cemented their status as the reason to believe in love. While we can’t say this is a technique that would work or that we’d encourage parents to use (and clearly, knowing Reynolds’ penchant for sarcasm, he’s clearly joking), it still gave us a good laugh. 

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