Renee Zellweger Opens Up About Why She Didn't Gain Weight For Bridget Jones' Baby

Renee Zellweger Opens Up About Why She Didn’t Gain Weight For Bridget Jones’ Baby

Bridget Jones captured our hearts in Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001) and Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason (2004), and Renee Zellweger famously had to put on 15kg for the role. But for the new movie, Bridget Jones’ Baby, it was a different story.


Though Zellweger was ready to put on the weight again, director Sharon Maguire had other ideas. Zellweger recently revealed in an interview with why they made this choice.


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“Sharon was hoping we could show that Bridget had achieved her ideal weight, but at the same time it didn’t mean her life was perfect.


“I wasn’t sure about that one though because we all have something we think is wrong, that needs fixing, that in our own minds represents the ideal that we are meant to obtain. And I like the idea that that stays with us throughout our lives,” she said.


Hugh Grant (Daniel Cleaver) will not be returning to this movie – instead a new man is on the scene, Jack, played by Patrick Dempsey! Colin Firth (Mark Darcy) will be returning, however the twist this time is that Bridget Jones is pregnant, and Bridget doesn’t know whose child it is…


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Watch the trailer here:

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