Reduce Your Depression Risk By Adding This To Your Diet

Reduce Your Depression Risk By Adding This To Your Diet

You may be juicing kale and watercress, but turns out a humble OJ can have mental health benefits. A new study of more than 82,000 nurses found that two or more servings daily of orange, grapefruit and other citrus juices were associated with an 18 per cent reduction in depression risk.


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If juice isn’t your thing, the study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found another bevvie has similar benefits. Having four or more cups of tea daily as opposed to none showed a 12 per cent lower risk of depression.

For the ultimate wellbeing menu, find flavonoid-rich foods at the supermarket. Quick tip: look for brightly coloured vegies and fruits – it’s their flavonoid pigments that give them their Instagram-ready colours. In the study, those who consumed the highest levels of flavonoids showed 7 to 10 per cent lower risk of depression compared to those consuming lesser amounts.

Of course, while your shopping trolley can help ward off the blues, your GP should always be your first stop for any concerns.

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If you or a friend is struggling with similar feelings, there is help at hand. You can speak confidentially to a trained counsellor 24 hours a day at

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