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PT Brittney Cutts’s Weekly Workout Plan – and How She Sticks to it

Plus, her workout essentials.

An accredited Master trainer in the Fitness industry with over 5 years of experience, Britt Cutts knows a thing-or-two about how important it is to stay active-and with that- how it’s sometimes easier said than done.

Now working as an adidas trainer, as well as a Keep It Cleaner Strength Master trainer, she devotes her time to providing a holistic approach to fitness – helping followers become more aware of their mindset, body and training, through her Instagram and new app, Body Active by Britt.

On the back of her new campaign with adidas, launching the adidas 4DFWD running shoe, we spoke to Britt about how she trains herself, and the kit she can’t live without.

How do you motivate yourself to work out?

When you become more aware of your body and mindset, you start to realise just how much exercise helps your mental health and keeps the body feeling nice and mobile.

I am motivated by the way it makes me feel. It gives me clarity, a boost of energy, confidence, trust in myself and allows me to channel my emotions through my body.

I plan my workouts for the week ahead on a Sunday and have them as my non-negotiable. The rest of my to do list revolves around my training because when I fill up my own cup (through working out) I am then able to bring my best to everyone else and everything I have going on.

Having a plan definitely helps to get the ball rolling and makes me feel motivated and in control of my training.

What does a week of workouts look like for you?

I created Virtual PT app BodyActive and it is based on how I train myself.  Here is an example of how my weekly planner looks within the app:

Monday- Core and Skipping workout, 10,000 steps

Tuesday: Lower Body Pull Strength and 5min HIIT Finisher, 10,000 steps

Wednesday: Run 5km or 1.5km swim

Thursday: Upper Body Strength and a 5min HIIT Finisher, 10,000 steps

Friday: Lower Body Push Strength, 10,000 steps

Saturday: Full body HIIT sweat up, 10,000 steps

Sunday: 3km relaxed walk, Stretch

What are some of your favourite core movements?

Equipment: Palloff Press, Woodchops (power band), TRX Pikes, Toes To Bar

No Equipment: Single Leg Lowers, Deadbugs, Plank rotations

What do you think the most underestimated workout move is?

Hip Thrusts and Rows (back exercises)

What’s one we’re ok to skip?

Kettlebell Swings unless you know how to perform them with correct form

What are your workout essentials?

adidas 4DFWD PULSE or adidas Ultraboost 21, a 1L water bottle, pre-workout coffee, hand sanitizer, Airpods, a bangin playlist, a matching adidas sports bra and high top socks!


By Nikolina Ilic

Nikolina is the web-obsessed Digital Editor at Men's and Women's Health, responsible for all things social media and .com. A lover of boxing, she spends most of the time in the gym or with her husband and daughter. She was previously a Digital Editor at GQ and Vogue magazine.

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