How This Aussie Mum’s Pantry Hacks Made Her Thousands Of Dollars

How This Aussie Mum’s Pantry Hacks Made Her Thousands Of Dollars

by | Nov 16, 2017

41-year-old mother-of-four Tracy Bond has become known as the ‘pantry wizard’ and has dedicated her life to the chores that most of us put off for days, weeks and even years.

Tracy has earnt a living from her business – Love My Pantry – where she will reorganise everything in your home from pantries to garages. 

A writer from The Young Mummies, Sophie Cachia, has shared the results of her own pantry yesterday via social media, raving about the ‘pantry wizard.’ 

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‘Everybody meet my pantry. Before, and now after. And everyone also meet Tracy. Tracy is a magic fairy who comes to your house, and within a few short hours, does what you told yourself you’d do ‘this weekend’ for the last five years,’ she started her post. 

‘She gets boxes, she puts sexy little name tags on them, she organises you like never before. Oh Tracy. Everybody needs Tracy in their lives. My husband asked if Tracy would move. Tracy said no. But Tracy come back. Tracy come back reallllll soon. Linen cupboards, garage, and my wardrobe next up!

‘Ps: if your friend is having a baby, don’t buy soft toys, newborn suits or dummy chains. Buy them a voucher with Tracy. PLEASE.’

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Bond started Love My Pantry by accident just over two years ago. The Melbourne based mum loved organising things and started reorganising her friends’ pantries, who in turn kept recommending her. 

When she posted on a parenting forum offering to do five pantries for free, she was inundated with responses.

‘It went crazy! Mum’s were like ‘Please come and do mine!’ So, I did the five for free and it’s just grown from there thanks to recommendations,’ Bond says. 

It was such a success that Bond has been able to do it full time for the last year. She started with pantries and now does whole houses. 

‘It’s funny because people love it. Mum’s are often in tears when it’s finished because they are overwhelmed at how amazing it is and they say they feel free and like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders,’ Bond explains. 

So, what’s the secret? Bond has given two of her best tips!

1. Only keep the necessities 

You go to the supermarket and buy so much stuff that you don’t actually use. Pass it on to a friend, donate to charity or throw it out so you only keep what you will actually use,’ Bond tells. ‘And don’t put un-related pantry items in there!’ 

2. Store everything in a cannister or tub

‘Things like brown sugar, caster sugar – if you have them in jars you can see what you’ve got rather than packets that leak and attract ants,’ she reveals. ‘Canisters (jars etc) can get expensive so you can also put all your sugars and flour in a tub and then you can pull out the whole tub when baking. It also means your pantry is easier to clean.’ 

Ta da! 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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