Study Says Office Workers Swear 11 Times Per Day

Study Says Office Workers Swear 11 Times Per Day

Whether it’s a meeting that could have been an email or a malfunctioning photocopier – the office environment offers plenty of triggers for profanity.

In fact, a recent survey by UK tech company 4com has found that the average English worker hears roughly 11 swear words from their co-workers every single day, with one in ten being subjected to more than 25. 

The findings showed that a quarter of respondents admit they rarely censor themselves around the office, one in eight never hold back when it comes to obscenities and one in five mind their Ps and Qs. The most commonly used slurs? F**k (68 per cent) tops the list followed by s**t (58 per cent), b****y (31 per cent), and p*** off (30 per cent).

Given that Australians are notoriously foul-mouthed we can bet that the stats are even higher on home soil.

If you’re part of the potty-mouth percentage, there’s plenty of science backing the benefits of letting loose, even at work. According to a report in the Leadership & Organisation Development Journal swearing can build bonds between employees.

“Studies suggest swearing can be beneficial, as the process of swearing is often cathartic, letting out pent-up emotion, as well as aiding storytelling or jokes. Perceptions of those who swear are also more likely to be linked to the words ‘honest’ and ‘credible’,” psychotherapist Dr Jo Gee told 4com.

F*** yeah, we’ll swear to that. 

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