Your November 2019 Horoscope Is Here, And It's Time To Trust Your Gut

Here’s Your November 2019 Horoscope

by | Oct 31, 2019

November kicks off with Mercury still in retrograde, which, you know, can be a teensy bit rocky. But this month is really about listening to your gut. What’s it telling you? And are you **actually** tapping into it?

On the 19th, Mars moves into Scorpio, challenging you to be the best you can be at…pretty much everything. Then, when Mercury goes direct on the 20th, you’ll start to get a clear head on things. Next, the Sun moves into Sagittarius, making you feel some serious carpe diem vibes. Hey, one way or another, things will work out, right? They always do…

Here’s what else is in store for your zodiac sign this month, according to Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counselling psychology.



You know the career you want, so what’s holding you back from getting it? Maybe it’s time to take the after-hours workshop your job offered to cover, or maybe you just need to start searching for your next big move. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to take action. The full moon on the 12th is vibrating in your money house, making it a great time to make some money moves.

FYI: You’ll also be flooded with party invites this month, but you won’t want to compromise. Like, at all. Don’t feel like schlepping to that wine-and-cheese party that’s all the way across town? Just say no—it’s not worth the hassle.


Your health and well-being are pretty freaking important, Taurus, which is why you’ll be all about taking good care of yourself this month. Mars, the planet of action, is in your house of health and exercise, making you crave a good fitness routine that’ll leave you feeling balanced. (Just a heads up: It’ll all probably go out the window around Thanksgiving, so enjoy it while it lasts.)

The full moon is in your sign on the 12th, marking the halfway point in your birthday year. You’ll have a serious think on what you’ve done so far and what you still want to accomplish. On the career front, just keep doing what you’ve been doing. Put in the time and effort and good stuff will come your way, promise. You and the universe can pinky-swear on it.


So…your sign is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury kicks off the month in retrograde. Awesome sauce. For the first three weeks of November, Mercury is in a part of your chart about daily routine, work, and things that need to get done. You might realise that you’re tackling a lot of the grunt work—at the office and in life. Can a gal get a hand, here?

You’ll be more than ready to speak up about things—and, even better, get some d*mn help—by the full moon on the 12th. Btw, the full moon is happening in a sector of your chart about retreat, making you more than ready to chill for a minute (or muuuch longer). Grab a glass of wine, pour yourself a bath, and just relax already. You so deserve it.


You’ve got a serious flow going this month, Cancer. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly discover a new hobby to devote all your free time to. Yeah, you’re a singer-songwriter on the side right now. No biggie.

You’ll also start to have some serious thoughts about what you want on the career front. Do you still have the same goals you once did? And are you still happy in your current gig? It’s time to take a beat and have a solid think about what’s going to make you feel fulfilled—now and down the road.


You want to get out already, Leo. Embrace your serious desire to explore more, even if it’s as simple as trying out a new restaurant that opened up down the street. Btw, Mercury goes retrograde in a sector of your chart that makes you question whether your home life is in balance. So, speak up if things don’t seem fair. It’s not cool that you paid for groceries last week that all your roommates ended up eating—and you’re not going to take it. Just, ya know, do it in a calm, rational, totally adult way, mkay?

Next, the full moon on the 12th makes you question where things are going at work. How can you have the right amount of time to be able to do everything you want and kill it at your career? It might take a little juggling, but you’ll figure it out.


You know what you’re trying to say, Virgo, but does everyone else get it? Mercury is in a sector of your chart about communication, making it a super-busy time for emails and texts. Just make sure you’re getting your point across and not losing anything in translation as your thumbs get a workout. While you’re at it, how can you change your way of thinking so that you’re a little more positive on the reg? Hmm…

Btw, the full moon on the 12th is in a sector of your chart about travel and exploring new ideas, so you might change your holiday travel plans at the last minute. Do you want to go away or stay home? Take a beat and figure it out before you alert the fam.


It’s time to get stuff done, Libra, and it’s all thanks to Mars hanging out in your sign. Now is the time to ask for—heck, demand—what you want. While you’re at it, work on just being more assertive all around. You’ll have a strong urge to do life your way, whether it’s in your career, home, or workout routine. Wherever you feel like you haven’t put a ton of effort lately, suddenly you’ll feel like you own it.

The full moon on the 12th is in your money house, prompting you to consider exactly how you can afford the stuff you really want. On the career front, take a beat before moving on to the next gig. Don’t just jump into a job that you think might be better without asking yourself why.


Whatever cool new stuff you want, you’ve got, Scorpio—and just in time for your bday, congrats! Venus in Sagittarius is in your money house (cha-ching!), making you feel a little freer than usual to spend some cash. Good thing, because you’re about to find all kinds of deals.

The full moon on the 12th is also in your house of money and personal resources, inspiring you to mull over (a) your talents and (b) how you can totally exploit them to make more money. After all that deep thinking, take a beat to clear your mind of as much negativity as possible. You can make things happen if you really believe in yourself. So…what’s holding you back?


This is your month, Sag, and it’s all thanks to Venus moving into your sign. Suddenly, little treats will come your way. You’ll snag a free drink at Starbucks, friends will pick up the tab at happy hour, and you’ll score awesome, cheap seats for that concert you’ve been considering. Yesss.

Later, the full moon on the 12th will highlight the parts in your life where you’re totally tripping yourself up, especially when it comes to your work and health. Don’t just brush that off—do something about it. Mars is in your house of friendships, making it a great time to get together and just hang with your girls. Road trip, anyone?


It’s friendship city for you this month, Cap. Mercury is retrograde in your house of friendships, making people you haven’t seen in ages come back into your orbit. At the same time, Mars, the planet of action, is in a sector of your chart about friendships, making you want to put some serious effort into your relationships.

Heads up: You’ll get asked to give back a little this month by helping out a friend’s passion project. Just make sure you actually have the time for it, k? You’ve got a lot going on, after all.


You’re all about **Rihanna voice** work, work, work, work, work this month, Aquarius. Mars, the planet of action, is in a sector of your chart about wanting to develop your knowledge. You’ll feel a push to get out and learn some new skills that you can bring back and use on the job. Oh, and side perk: That’ll put you in an amazing position to make a move if something new and exciting comes up.

The full moon on the 12th also highlights your career, while Mercury in retrograde makes you rethink the path you’re on. Is your job taking too much out of you, or are you down with the direction you’re heading in? Only you know the answer.


You get up, go to work, and repeat for most of the week. But is that what you ~really~ want to be doing, Pisces? Venus is in a sector of your chart about work, making your rethink your usual routine (namely, whether you’re completely bored by it). Meanwhile, Mercury is going retrograde in your house of travel, prompting you to reconsider your travel plans. Do you really feel like dealing with the family over Thanksgiving, or would you rather bail and do a Friendsgiving instead?

Then, the new moon on the 26th will make you dream about a new path you could take. Maybe you should quit your job and open up that beachfront bar in the Caribbean you’ve always dreamed of. Sure, other people might hate on the idea, but you could technically do it…just saying.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US

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