Nicole Kidman Swears By This Morning Ritual For Her Happy Marriage

Nicole Kidman Swears By This Morning Ritual For Her Happy Marriage

The Oscar love curse is real, folks, and one only needs to look at Sandra Bullock, Kate Winslet and Hilary Swank for proof. Which is why it’s so dang refreshing that after 12 years of marriage, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are still as in ~lurve~ as ever.

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As for the secret behind their wedded bliss? According to the Big Little Lies star, it’s simply a matter of – wait for it – mastering the morning routine. And (coz, busy Hollywood actress) that means squeezing companionship into her daily sweat sesh. 

“We’re Australian, both of us, so water is very therapeutic,” she told Allure.

“We have a beach house and we will get up in the morning before we have breakfast, and we’ll go in the ocean. Reese [Witherspoon] is our next-door neighbour. Reese will be going, ‘What are you doing in the water, you lovebirds?’ She’ll tease us because she rarely goes in the ocean. ‘You crazy Australian kids.’”

Here’s the thing: previous studies have found that making time for your partner – no matter how slammed you are – is one of the key factors to ensuring long-term happiness.

And for the record, she’s not wrong about a dip being great for your health: swimming has been proven to reduce inflammation, burn calories, boost lung capacity and improve your mindset too.

Sounds like a no-brainer if you ask us. Thanks for the tip, Nic.

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