Naomi Osaka Speaks Up Against Asian Hate

Naomi Osaka Speaks Up Against Asian Hate

by | Mar 30, 2021

When the world awoke to news of the devastating hate crime that left eight people dead, including six Asian women, in a shooting in Atlanta, the violence directed towards those in the Asian community suddenly came to be under the spotlight. While it was, sadly, nothing new for those belonging to such a community, outsiders were shocked at the fear that persists for Asians as a result of the prejudice, stereotyping and blatant discrimination that continues to pervade modern society.

Racism and xenophobia are nothing new, this much we know. But the last year has seen an increase in racially-motivated crimes the likes of which we’ve never known before.  Reports from California State University’s Centre for the Study of Hate and Extremism indicate that anti-Asian hate crimes have skyrocketed a shocking 149 per cent in 2020, with many going on to suggest that it was then-President Donald Trump’s rhetoric around the coronavirus pandemic that saw such racism rise, as he called it the “Chinese virus” or “Kung-flu.”

The coalition Stop AAPI Hate said in a statement, “There has been a documented pattern of recent attacks against our community, as we have received nearly 3,800 reports of hate incidents across the country since March 2020. Not enough has been done to protect Asian Americans from heightened levels of hate, discrimination and violence. Concrete action must be taken now. Anything else is unacceptable.”

While many actors have been quick to voice their support for the Asian community, tennis champion Naomi Osaka has spoken out against the issue, too. Posting a picture to Instagram of her recent Tweet, the athlete wrote: “If people loved Asian people as much as they love bubble tea, anime, mochi, sushi, match etc…Imagine profiting/enjoying things that come from a culture and then attacking/diminishing the ethnic group that created it.”

She then added, “#StopAsianHate. It’s really sad that this even has to be a hashtag/slogan. It should be common sense, but it seems like common sense is uncommon in this world now.”

Actor Sandra Oh also spoke at a protest march following the shooting in Atlanta, where she led the protest in a chant of “I am proud to be Asian!” Oh said at the event, “For many of us in our community, this is the first time we are even able to voice our fear and our anger and I really am so grateful to everyone willing to listen.”

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