Miranda Kerr And Katy Perry Get Personal About Their ‘Modern Family’

Miranda Kerr And Katy Perry Get Personal About Their ‘Modern Family’

Watch any Hollywood rom-com or Netflix series that centres around love and family, and you’ll likely be presented with sparring women, both vying for a man’s affection. The canon of TV history has led us to believe that where one relationship ends, two people cease to get along and any inclination towards a civil union is impossible. But you need only look at Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr to know this isn’t the case. 

Kerr, who was once married to Orlando Bloom and shares 10-year-old son Flynn with him, has spoken at length about just how grateful she is for her time with Bloom, the relationship they have now, and of course, her relationship with Bloom’s fiancé, Katy Perry. And it seems the feeling is mutual, as Perry joined Kerr for an Instagram Live where they discussed motherhood, Kerr’s skincare line, Kora Organics, and their approaches to parenting with that they describe as their ‘modern family’. 

Along with Flynn, Kerr has two young children, Hart and Myles, with her husband Snapchat founder, Evan Spiegel. And as many fans will know, Perry just welcomed a baby daughter, Daisy, with Bloom. Speaking about the profound impact pregnancy has had on their lives, Kerr said: “The kids are my number one love. It’s just the best thing in the world, being a mum.” To this, Perry added: “It’s the best job. It’s the most fulfilling…There was no feeling like the feeling when I had my daughter.”

The mutual respect and admiration the pair have for each other resonated on the IG Live. Perry spoke about Kerr’s success with Kora Organics, telling those watching: “One of the great things about being close to Miranda is I get to try out all her products, especially when her son comes home with them in his backpack.” 

“In our modern family, she’s probably the most health-conscious of everyone,” said Perry. “I went into a huge transformation after having Daisy…I started looking at all my products, my shampoo, conditioner, I went through a huge cleanout.”

Kerr has been incredibly open about the family dynamic between her and Bloom, and in a recent interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, she spoke fondly about her ex and his relationship with Perry. “I adore Katy, and I just feel so happy that Orlando has found someone that makes his heart so happy, because at the end of the day, for Flynn to have a happy father and a happy mother is just the most important thing.”

She added, “I’m so grateful that Orlando and Katy found each other and I’m so grateful that I found my incredible husband, and just that we all really respect each other. When it comes to special occasion when we have to be together, we work it out, we have compromises that we work out together for what is the best for our whole family.”

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