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Mafs’ Bryce And Melissa Are Engaged and Pregnant!

Proving their love to the haters.

by | Jul 12, 2021


In an age where reality TV romances last as long as a TikTok trend, you have to give credit where credit is due to Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson. Despite the couple being cast as the controversial pair of 2021’s Married At First Sight, with many viewers questioning Bryce’s commitment to Mel after it was rumoured he had a girlfriend back home, it appears the two remain a united front. After renewing their vows for one another at the competition of the series, the pair are continuing to deft the public’s expectations of their relationship, announcing that they’re now engaged and, if that wasn’t enough of a shock, are also expecting twins. 

In a cover photoshoot for New Idea, Bryce told the publication that things all happened incredibly fast. “People saw on the show how supportive and loyal Mel was. I’m pleased to say that’s transitioned to the real world,” he said. 

The photoshoot depicts a glowing Mel with a growing baby bump, showing off sonogram photos of the twins. Behind her, Bryce cradles her baby bump will a look of pure joy on his face that’s hard not to find infectious. But perhaps echoing the sentiments of the public, Melissa told the publication, “It’s been a whirlwind, but we’re so incredibly happy.”

Many were shocked when the show ended and the pair remained together, but it appears that where others falter when stepping out of the experiment, Bryce and Mel have only seen their relationship go from strength to strength. Of course, nothing brings two people together quite like having to defend your relationship on every talk show and radio station across the country, but having also launched their own podcast, the pair have been giving listeners a greater insight into their love life and why their union proves so remarkable. “We’d already been married on the show and, with our relationship getting stronger, this just felt like the logical next step,” Mel said. She also added the she’s “deeply in love” with Bryce. 

“We’re not doing this for anybody else, it’s about us – we’re cementing our love,” said Bryce. “Melissa deserves to be happy and I’m apparently very good at the, so I’m looking forward to making it all official.”

As for the wedding, it appears the MAFS experts won’t score an invite to the upcoming nuptials, having frequently told Mel that she was limiting herself by staying with Bryce given his behaviour on the show. Bryce revealed that he’s still close with Jason from the show, and that Cameron, Russell and James might score an invite too. Still, with Covid restrictions and the fact Mel will have given birth to twins by the time they get married, the couple insist they want to keep things low-key. 

To read more about their relationship, catch the full story here. 

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