Long Lasting Perfume Tips and Tricks

How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

by | Aug 13, 2019

How long does perfume last?

Are you someone who applies perfume before you walk out the door but by the time you get to the office, the scent is just a distant memory? With perfume lasting anywhere between three and 24 hours, we look at ways to get the most out of your morning spritz.

How to apply perfume

The best way to spray on perfume is to spray about 20cm away from your skin. Having an even spread over a wider area will help the fragrance last longer, compared to a more generous spray in a smaller area.

We know you’ve heard it before but DO NOT RUB YOUR PERFUME IN! Rubbing your wrists together will result in the top notes of the fragrance disappearing faster than what you intend. Instead, try dapping your pulse points together, or just let the perfume be. 

Where to spray perfume

When spraying your perfume, you want to target your pulse points and warm areas on your body. The heat from these areas help retain the fragrance.

While areas such as your wrists and neck are top of mind, also consider behind your knees or on your calves. Spraying your ankles and calves allows the scent to rise throughout the day.

How to make perfume last longer

While it’s not recommended to store your perfume in the bathroom (heat, light and humidity will break it down) experts say that the best time to spritz yourself is post shower. Damp, hydrated skin gives your scent a base to hold onto and will lock it in for longer.

Alternatively, priming your skin with a hydrating moisturiser will also help retain the scent. If you are using scented moisturiser, layering fragrances (sometimes referred to as fragrance dressing) on top of each other cannot only create a unique scent but also result in the perfume lasting longer. Try a scented shower gel, body lotion, or even a complementary scent. 

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Best long lasting perfumes

1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

best long lasting perfume


Price: $175

Reviewer verdict: “Very happy with the intensity of this new coco Chanel classic. Only a small amount required to last the entire day. I’ve been getting compliments since I purchased it to try this mature version of a popular scent.”

best long lasting perfume

Giorgio Armani

Price: $149

Reviewer verdict:Beautiful perfume highly recommend. long lasting scent suitable for day and evening.”

3. Tiffany & Co Eau de Toilette

best long lasting perfume

Tiffany & Co

Price: $99

Reviewer verdict: “Long lasting, lively smell.”

4. Gucci Bloom

best long lasting perfumes


Price: $115

Reviewer verdict: “I bought this a few weeks ago and it’s my favourite fragrance yet. Smells amazing and wears long on me. The packaging is simple and elegant.”

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