What Women Can Learn From Lea Michele's Self-Care Approach

What All Women Can Learn From Lea Michele’s Approach To Self-Care

by | Jun 22, 2018

‘Me time’ is one of those things we all know we’re supposed to prioritise, but thanks to certain aspects of life constantly demanding our attention (emails! Deadlines! Family drams!) it’s often what falls by the waist side first. But here’s the thing: the busier you are, the more important self-care becomes – a concept no one understands better than actress Lea Michele.

“The better I feel, the better I can perform,” she explained in a recent interview with Shape.

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Her number one rule? Stick to your healthy habits, no matter what time zone you’re in.

“I really care about travelling, seeing the world and visiting places,” she said. “So, if it’s the type of vacation or trip where I’m in nature and want to breathe fresh air, then I’ll make an effort to go hiking. I’m a big yoga and hiking girl.”

And while she’s allllll for working up a sweat dailly, she’s also pretty savvy about the importance of downtime too. 

“I wouldn’t necessarily try so hard to squeeze a workout in and go to the gym when I could be eating pasta in Italy,” she adds.

That makes two of us, Lea.

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