Lady Gaga Reveals Dramatic New Hair Transformation

Lady Gaga Reveals Dramatic New Hair Transformation

She was always known as a performer, but when Lady Gaga took to the big screen in A Star Is Born, she immediately cemented her place amongst Hollywood’s elite. The woman doesn’t just know how to sing into a microphone, she knows how to act too. Set to begin filming her latest project Gucci, which now sees Lady Gaga in Rome, Italy, the singer will play the Italian socialite Patrizia Reggiani, the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci, the grandson of Gucci founder Gucci Gucci. 

The project is a fascinating one, sure to draw the attention of global audiences with its dramatic storyline, which includes the fact that Reggiani was tried and convicted of orchestrating her husband’s assassination in 1995. And as filming commences, Lady Gaga revealed er new look for the role, showcasing a bold hair transformation. 

Despite being a perennial blonde, Gaga stepped out with her signature locks dyed a new shade of dark brown. The retro styling of it was a bold new look for the singer, with her hair worn wide-swept and finished off with soft, bouncy curls. While it certainly looks real, the jury is yet to reach a conclusion on whether it is in fact her real hair or a wig instead. Regardless, it’s very much Reggiani, a woman known for her distinctive look that was often the subject of Italian tabloids. Even her bold custom jewellery and coiffed hair made her something of Italy’s then influencer. 

While it’s a new look for the star, Gaga also went dark for her role in A Star Is Born which saw the singer dye her hair brunette. She never shies away from a transformation, particularly when it comes to her craft, and it will be fascinating to see just how Gaga portrays Reggiani on the screen. 

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