Ladies, Listen Up: We Might Have Been Applying Brush Wrong This Whole Time

Ladies, Listen Up: We Might Have Been Applying Brush Wrong This Whole Time

by | Apr 27, 2021

For some it’s mascara, for others concealer, but for many the one product they can’t leave the house without is blush. Aside from imparting a rosy hue to the cheeks, blush not only gives the appearance of youthfulness, but it invokes a sense of energy and liveliness that most often betrays the lack of sleep we’ve had for weeks on end. But physical appearance aside, even the application of blush is something we can delight in – or so we thought. Though mascara often makes us stand before with the mirror with our mouths agape, smiling at ourselves as we sweep a little colour onto our cheeks is the one step in our makeup routine we can enjoy. But as it turns out, it might not actually be the way to do it. 

To put one of our favourite products and its application under the spotlight, it turns out that we might not be doing blush right. Thanks to one TikToker, a recent blush trend is going viral and it’s known as “blush sandwich,” according to Glamour. The practice involves applying blush much higher on the face than we’re used to.

Most tend to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks – after all, it’s the reason for smiling when applying the product. But the new trend sees blush applied further up the face. Rather than the apple of the cheeks, it involves stacking your contour above the hollows of your cheeks and applying blush on top. By doing so, it gives a lifted look to the face. 

though it might be a hard discovery to swallow, there’s good reason for making the shift to applying blush further up. The idea behind smiling when applying blush was because often the apple of the cheeks is where we naturally go rosy, but as makeup artists have been quick to note, when we stop smiling the blush doesn’t fall in a flattering place. 

According to makeup artist Alexandra Compton, who spoke to MindBodyGreen, “Your blush placement will actually be lower with a straight face,” which can create the illusion of a drooping or sagging face. By applying the product with a straight face and not smiling, you can thus create a more lifted look. 

Obviously, when it’s your face, you can do what you want to it but it is interesting to note that for all this time, we probably could have been applying blush far better, or at least in a more flattering way. Even so, not smiling during application seems…well, odd. 

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