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You Can Now Get On-Demand Fertility Testing

The service brings on-demand fertility tests to you, making it easier than ever to check your fertility.

For those who have been trying for months, perhaps even years, questions surrounding fertility can be all-consuming. From the lengthy doctor visits to the constant scrutiny subjected to your body and sexual health and function, the process is one that can be incredibly draining, not to mention time-consuming. But if you were worried about having kids in the future, a new resource is proving to change the nature of fertility testing. Thanks to Kin Fertility, you can now take an on-demand test whenever you want, even if you’re simply intrigued to know more about the status of your fertility.

Hailing from founder Nicole Liu, the on-demand testing offered by Kin Fertility is a game-changer. While doctors tend to only run a fertility test after you’ve been trying for more than 12 months for those aged under 35, this testing doesn’t discriminate by age or relationship status. Even those who haven’t met a partner but simply want to know more can take the test. 

For Liu, the issue is a personal one she’s dealt with. In an interview, she revealed that she was incorrectly diagnosed with PCOS, a diagnosis that served as a catalyst to improve access to fertility doctors for women across the country. Kin Fertility is now bringing this information to your doorstep, in an effort to not only empower women but help them make informed decisions. 

Given that one in six couples will struggle to conceive within the first 12 months, fertility is an issue that many will experience in their lifetime, yet so rarely do we hear of the struggles or discuss them openly. For many women, getting a handle on their fertility prior to conceiving is incredibly important and as Liu suggests, could help them plan better for the future. 

So, how does it work? The process is incredibly straightforward. Simply go onto the website and take a short, simple test to see if you’re a candidate for the Australian-first Telehealth fertility test, which provides data on egg counts and hormone levels that relate to the chances of conceiving. Depending on your current contraception, the website will also inform you what hormones they want to check. 

The fertility test will set you back $250, a price that covers everything from the referral, blood test and consult. Once the payment is processed, you’ll be given a referral for a blood test at a clinic near you. Once the blood test has been processed, you’ll book in for a 30-minute Telehealth consult with a specialist who will explain your results and what it means for your chance of conceiving. Women will also receive their hormone levels compared to the averages, detailed information on egg reserves compared to the average for their age, and doctor-reviewed results in an interface that is easy to understand and interpret. 

The information garnered is invaluable. Thanks to insights into hormones and your own health questionnaire, you’ll learn more about your ovarian egg count, your reproductive timeline, whether you might be able to collect more or less than the average eggs in a single freezing or IVF cycle, regularity of ovulation cycles, whether you have signs of PCOS, as well as detailed information about your thyroid health which could impact your fertility or pregnancy. 

The testing is the exact same accredited test one would receive at a Fertility Specialist and as experts suggest, it’s recommended to do testing if you’re aged between 25 and 45. Given the fact the Telehealth call can be done from the comfort of your own home, Kin Fertility is making it easier than ever to check in on your fertility, allowing us all to be more empowered to make our own decisions when it comes to conception and our bodies. 

For more information on Kin Fertility, visit the official website here. 

By Jessica Campbell

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