At-Home Workout Mistakes Kayla Itsines Sees A *Lot*

At-Home Workout Mistakes Kayla Itsines Sees A *Lot*

by | Jul 6, 2020

Your technique can make a huge difference to your sweat sessions, from the obvious benefit (preventing injury) to the overlooked (better results).

Just ask Kayla Itsines.

In a recent Instagram post, the fitness guru shared the mistakes she sees the most when people do her at-home workouts. And thankfully, they are pretty easy to fix.

“If you have a mirror around the house, I recommend putting it near your workout area so you can check on your form during your workouts,” she captioned it. “If you don’t have a mirror at home, that’s okay! I’ve filmed these tips for you to keep in mind when training.”

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Kayla’s technique tweaks:

✅Hands should be shoulder-width apart
✅Keep your shoulders back and face looking forward
✅Bend your elbows and dip down until you’re at a 90-degree angle
✅Engage your abs before beginning the movement
✅Start the movement by using your abdominal muscles, not your head
✅Keep the movement slow and controlled
✅Hands should be shoulder-width apart
✅ Keep your body in a neutral position by engaging your core and glutes
✅Keep your shoulders back
✅Push the floor away from you

Pro tip: “SAVE this post and refer back to them when you need. ????”

Thanks for sharing, Kayla!

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