Kayla Itsines Is NOT A Fan Of The Keto Diet – Here’s Why

Kayla Itsines Is NOT A Fan Of The Keto Diet – Here’s Why

When it comes to health and wellness advice, Kayla is THE person to lend your ear to – after all, the girl didn’t gain 11.2 mil Insta followers for nothing.

So, when she recently spoke out in defence of carbs in an interview with Well + Good (“of course I’m pro-bread!”) everything that intrigued us about the ketogenic diet went out the window.

“I eat seafood, I eat meat, I have pasta, bread, a lot of olive oil, oregano; my standard dressing is that with lemon and olive oil on everything,” she explained. “I never looked at food as something that was scary or like, ‘I can’t eat that.’ Of course, you can! We’re here to eat,” she added. “If you want to have a piece of toast, just have a piece of toast. It’s not a big deal.”

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Kayla’s Mediterranean-inspired eating habits are in direct contrast to those required on the keto diet, which is low in carbs, high in protein. But as the mama-to-be pointed out in an Insta post earlier this week, carbohydrates are actually really good for us – as long as you pick the right ones.

“Ladies, bread and pasta are NOT the only carbs on offer,” she wrote. “#Carbohydrates are KEY for maximum energy, stamina, concentration and recovery. They are especially important if you are working out regularly as they are an amazing source of fuel for YOUR body. Think of carbohydrates as the gas needed to fuel a car. Without carbohydrates, your body will not have the energy it requires to perform at its best.”

“Ladies, carbs are NOT evil and should be a part of your daily intake,” she added.

You heard the woman. Let’s make bread great again.

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