Influencer Katie Lolas On Why You Should Never Ask A Woman If She's Pregnant

Influencer Katie Lolas On Why You Should Never Ask A Woman If She’s Pregnant

People, we’re nearing the end of 2019 and TBH, we can’t believe we still need to have this conversation…

It ????Is ????Never????Cool???? To????Ask????A????Woman????If????She????Is????Pregnant????

Need a refresher on why the hell not? Well, Aussie influencer Katie Lolas (AKA meal prep queen @lady.lolas) has dropped the mic on that topic with a moving Instagram post.



“Asking a woman if she’s pregnant isn’t nice,” she wrote alongside a series of snaps showing her stomach in different shapes and sizes. “I know most people mean well, but it’s completely inappropriate.”

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“Pointing out what you might perceive as a ‘baby bump’ is not cool. It’s actually quite rude. Asking a couple when they want to have children should also be off limits. It’s not like they can click their fingers and make a baby appear.” 

Katie explains that she’s not pregnant and natural changes to her body shape are not an invitation for what can often be an incredibly personal and loaded conversation for most couples.

“This is my body. It looks different depending on what I’m wearing. What angle a photo is taken. I have lumps, bumps and everything in between… This is what a perfectly healthy belly looks like. I’ll let you know in my own time when it happens for us.”

Hear, bloody, hear. 

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