Kate Wasley Shares Inspiring Message About Dealing With Body Insecurities During The Festive Season

Kate Wasley Has The BEST Reminder If Body Insecurities Are Holding You Back This Festive Season

While the festive season is a a friggin’ excellent time of year, it can also minefield for anyone dealing with body image issues (read, almost everyone). Whether it’s a few more cocktails than usual, the start of beach season or all of the Christmas feasts, this time of year can bring up major insecurities.

But Aussie model, influencer and advocate Kate Wasley has shared some timely words about how her worries have held her back from opportunities in the past and how much her attitude has changed for the better. 

The 25-year-old shared some (quite frankly, smoking hot) shots of herself beachside from back in the day but in the caption she explains how at the time she was stressing about how her body looked.

“I remember looking at these photos when they were first taken and thinking, I wish I had of worked out harder before this trip,” she wrote. “Looking back now I think DAMN GIRL you were looking finnnne, as if you wasted your energy worrying about your body & not indulging on this holiday cause you were self conscious.”

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Considering how much her mindset has changed in “just a few years” she says, Kate’s looking forward to how she’ll feel in a few decades. 

“Imagine in 40 years time when I look back at think why didn’t I take all these opportunities or go to these events and have a few cocktails and make memories because I felt crap about my body? It’s all a state of mind. For 2020 I’m making a conscious effort to live in the moment and enjoy it and the last thing that’s going to hold me back is the fear of what other people think of my body.”

Hopefully Kate’s message goes a long way in inspiring you to take part in all of the festive frivolities without focusing on how it’ll affect your waistline. 

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